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  1. Menu Color
  2. Problem Banner HEADER AD
  3. Problem creating event!
  4. Media Category Template
  5. Exclude categories does not work
  6. Twitter only works in Google Chrome!
  7. Nice theme...a few observations
  8. Use a Page Template
  9. Orange color in upcoming events
  10. Phenomenal Support
  11. is there a demo.xml
  12. Theme not working on my site
  13. Popular - Any chance of making it a widget?
  14. I want to remove 'Posted By Admin"
  15. What CSS Do i need to change to make this a dark theme
  16. 'DO NOT DUPLICATE POSTS' is not working!
  17. Gallery category page and posts
  18. How to make the logo larger
  19. How To Create Exact Copy of Sharp Theme Demo
  20. Border on featured slider
  21. Change color navigation links, body background and site main color
  22. Internet Explorer and Chrome view
  23. Custom styling problem
  24. Recent Post Option For home page sections
  25. Multiple category settings doesn't works
  26. Access Denied
  27. can any official help me please
  28. Full size Mobile
  29. Full home slider
  30. Popular Post Widget Duplicating Post
  31. Design changes
  32. Separate Sidebar For "Magazine" category theme
  33. 'Play' Icon Over Thumbnail for Embedded Video in Slider Like Stylebook
  34. No download link for newly purchased sharp theme
  35. Widget Map
  36. Gallery Preview on Homepage
  37. Removing published on date posted in Sharp Theme
  38. Photo duplicates in post
  39. Moving columns on home page
  40. How can I place Category list of posts under PRIMARY-MID-BOTTOM
  41. How to have fonts as in top 10 destination in demo and upcoming events in demo
  42. "Text' Widget Not responsive
  43. How do I have Magazine Template as the Demo
  44. Text title over another post
  45. How to change the Tabbed Widget?
  46. Shortcodes, post header and google+ problems
  47. Problem with content and sidebar width
  48. How I made normal title over the featured slider
  49. Header Ad Doesn't show up on smart phones
  50. Link to Codex for this theme is dead
  51. No custom menu?
  52. Background and footer colour
  53. List category posts plug-in shortcode not working
  54. This theme is a nightmare!!!
  55. demo content sharp
  56. Need a few things adjusted
  57. bigpicture adjust
  58. Demo import failed
  59. Installation Failure of Sharp Magazine theme demo content. Help!
  60. Plugin conflict
  61. Event Espresso - Where is the free version?
  62. Optimum original image
  63. Changing font color and background color on homepage menu
  64. Is the front page slider supposed to rotate?
  65. How can I max a box around the popular and recent post widgets on the sidebar?
  66. Center shadow and headline below the featured homepage image and adding a subtitle
  67. Problem with Feedburner email subscriptions
  68. several problem
  69. Support number!?!?
  70. HELP!!!!!!! Upgrade to Sharp .03 and now my site looks like this!!!
  71. Upgrade to Sharp .03 and problem in the Gabfire Posts Tabs Widget
  72. How do I configure the Magazine layout from the category templates for this theme?
  73. v.03 feedburner email subscribe link
  74. Help with replacing bottom logo display option with widget zone
  75. how can i havehttp://demos.gabfirethemes.com/sharp/2014/01/20/volutpat-euismod-nisl/
  76. Featured image questions
  77. Need help with some configuration
  78. Wrong image showing on slide
  79. Needs recoding
  80. Help w/code for replacing bottom ads w/2 new widget zones for self-serve ad sliders
  81. sharp showcase
  82. Theme Options Settings Issues
  83. Decrease the font size of the titles?
  84. How do I disable sliders?
  85. Problem in the alide
  86. Search panel bug
  87. Moving top news and widget zone to the left and left-hand below slider to middle
  88. Problem in the Slide upgrade 0.3
  89. Hide responsive menus
  90. Cannot add new or old posts anymore after WordPress Update
  91. WordPress thumbnails issue
  92. Problem in Google Chrome
  93. share items widget error & "comments closed"
  94. Change archive to 3 column
  95. Changing colours in the theme
  96. Plugin conflict after Update to V0.4
  97. Font size of the subtitle
  98. Latest Articles Box
  99. Whole site disappeared after installing Gabfire Widgetpack
  100. Gabfire widget - latest posts missing thumbnails
  101. Need a tip - custom fields in posts
  102. Read More or Continue reading Needed for Front Page
  103. 640 x 360 Mobile Browser Layout Issue
  104. Questions about the banner ad and the Right hand (Mid col) below slidercolumn...
  105. Ads not sizing correctly for different page sizes
  106. I want to remove comments and discussion altogether
  107. Design Changes to default Post template
  108. AdSense / DFP responsive ad issues on mobile devices
  109. How to change the width of the" THIRD BLOCK BELOW FEATURED SLIDER - Left,mid,right"
  110. 2 questions
  111. Masthead - Pages added automatically - dont want them there
  112. Tag Template Layout Changes
  113. Problem with IE
  114. Where are the widgets?
  115. Video content
  116. Add writing to slider as on Photo attached
  117. TimThumb issues
  118. Comments are throwing an error
  119. Edit/Add lower title to slider
  120. Gallery Question
  121. Theme Update - Changelog
  122. Footer Layout
  123. Edit/Add lower title to slider
  124. Subtitle in fatured slider on homepage
  125. Removing search from right side bar
  126. Help with images on a page
  127. comment alignment out of whack
  128. Manage Ads- Homepage Bottom Ads - Left
  129. Reverse text
  130. Sharp Featured Images
  131. Help it's messed up again.
  132. Change font in home page featured slider
  133. Can't get rid of subtitle
  134. Adding Social Media Icons to Masthead
  135. Gabfire Twitter Widget
  136. Spelling mistake
  137. Modify "Popular" tabs
  138. echo function wont print anything
  139. comment and share buttons on pages
  140. Social Media Updates?
  141. changes to category layout
  142. Error double menu
  143. Header - Social items
  145. Third block below featured slider - Can blocks be lined up?
  146. No preview the image
  147. Primary Navigation Menu Buttons
  148. Post tab widget
  149. Suggestion: Making a Post Featured
  150. Upgrading from Stylebook and importing Sharp demo content
  151. high cpu usage
  152. width sharp theme
  153. sharp constumization
  154. Change color of nav buttons on primary navigation
  155. Colors
  156. Social Media Links in Masthead...How do I get them to open in a new tab
  157. Improving theme loadtime
  158. Remove Author and Date from Posts
  159. displaying ADs in test site
  160. How to set "upcoming Events"
  161. Changing Category template
  162. How do I show the logo full width when browser is maximized?
  163. How do I reduce the size of the font in featured slider?
  164. How do I reduce the size of the font in the text?
  165. How do I remove the search box from the sidebar?
  166. How do I remove the color from the browser sides outside the theme boundary?
  167. Adding a default fallback image
  168. Sharp theme: changing image display at top of posts for single post pages no sidebar
  169. Sharp theme: image slider on inner pages not centering images
  170. How do I reduce the title size of all widgets?
  171. Issue with cat ID's not ordering
  172. Posts Tab Widget ignoring number of posts to display
  173. Opening featured images in Lightbox
  174. Sub menu of masthead don't run
  175. How do I make the headline banner full widgh
  176. How do I clear these code warnings?
  177. How do I hide the red bounded search box from inner pages?
  178. Adding latest posts to 'LEFT HAND BELOW SLIDER' homepage section
  179. WordPress Security Alert: Vulnerability Discovered in TimThumb Script
  180. How do i get rid of menus?
  181. How do I make a menu show only on inner page?
  182. Twitter Widget in place of Upcoming Events
  183. Changing Post Body Font and Size
  184. Migration - Custom Post Types
  185. Homepage Slider Completely Non-Operational
  186. Hide the Gabfire Custom Fields in Sharp
  187. Ads
  188. How do I change header banner image link?
  189. Change upcoming events background color
  190. Primary Nav - Backwards!
  191. How to change color of Headings, distance between paragraphs and after photos
  192. How can I remove author and post date on homepage?
  193. My New Sharp Menu
  194. How do I populate all the subnews?
  195. Fonts not changing
  196. Post Image not filling white area
  197. Second block below feature slider on home page title not lining up
  198. Author Profiles Missing
  199. Set Number of copy on THIRD BLOCK BELOW FEATURED SLIDER
  200. BIO Social Share Looks messed up.
  201. how can I remove the image from 1x4, 2x4, ....
  202. How do I reduce the size of the image in the element below the feature slider
  203. child theme
  204. Ad
  205. Centering Side Bar
  206. how do I keep the article from being overwritten by right column
  207. How do I add a horizontal rule?
  208. Adding a condition to the single_default.php
  209. Nextgen Slideshow stopped working after I changed to this theme
  210. Sharp mag posts
  211. Logging in to WP-admin shows blank page
  212. Can't change the colors of the categories on the navigation bar
  213. Post to blog but not to Feature Slider
  214. Subtitle entry to be placed at the end of single page post
  215. Can't download theme
  216. Image on post pages not showing
  217. Catch First "Vidéo"
  218. Custom FIeld Video not deleting video
  219. How can I use a fully developed site as a child site?
  220. Primary mid-bottom bg color/ text color and categories color on hover
  221. Display ads not showing in IE 11
  222. Can't find magazine layout for categories in theme options
  223. Menu de Colores
  224. How to add read more after post excerpt
  225. separate the main menu and the coloured menu in 2 rows
  226. Event Espresso plugin style-sheet options deactivated by Sharp theme options
  227. Homepage not showing recent posts
  228. Activating Body Background Typography changes color of mag layout catergory excerpt
  229. Script causes domain to be suspended
  230. how to set Magazine Layout as Homepage
  231. Can't remove the featured image from the post page.
  232. Problem with shortcode display
  233. Home Slider freezing in HTTPS
  234. How to give the blog page to display 4col without sidebar
  235. Catch first image not functioning
  236. Subtitles within a post
  237. Css
  238. Right Hand Mid Column below Slider Font
  239. Disable Sidebar Tabbed Slider for specific category posts
  240. Change Footer Background
  241. Adding Latest Posts to "LEFT HAND BELOW SLIDER"
  242. Add More Colored Categories and Change Font Size
  243. Multiple image sizes and copies of images
  244. Coloured menu not working well
  245. Full Header for Logo
  246. Centre Header Logo
  247. Change Width of Mid-Column
  248. Adsense for Mobile and Other Mobile issues
  249. Ready to install Sharp but would prefer to get some advice's before!
  250. Some problems with the theme Sharp