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  16. Author Bio
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  18. how to show ads
  19. PLEASE - can anyone help showing ad!
  20. Comment Window - Default Open
  21. I need to hire one of you guys
  22. I don't recommend updating to .7
  23. ATTN Mehmet
  24. Only want featured slider to do 3 categories not 5
  25. Custom sidebar on category page
  26. what is the wp38-patch for?
  27. how to activate my theme?
  28. Is it possible to add second media gallery?
  29. Featured Slider Problem ?
  30. Category 2 column, 3 column, 4 column changing pictures
  31. Changing Colors on Site
  32. Footer issue
  33. Full width post text is not full width
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  35. Category Article Display Count?
  36. SHOWCASE Stylebook Theme website
  37. Double Image Post
  38. How to exclude some categories from tab Recent-Popular-Comments widget on home?
  39. Replace default author link to author's Google+ Profile
  40. white space between slider photo
  41. "header right quote" space not visible in mobile devices
  42. Full size logo for Stylebook
  43. Shorten post titles in collage
  44. How to show Read More Button İn Stylebook
  45. Devamını oku butonunu nasıl gosterebilirim.
  46. Facebook 'Like' Button Error
  47. How to replace primary left with primary right on home page?
  48. Ugly Bookmarked link in news ticker.
  49. How to make clickable background
  50. Formatting Issues w/ IDX Feed Listing Detail
  51. Possible bug with responsive menus in Stylebook on iPad
  52. Footer - emoticon
  53. default post layout and comment form
  54. Full Width Not Working
  55. Reduce sze of featured image on single post
  56. How to remove "By user on date" appearing on category layouts
  57. Video embed cuts off
  58. ABOVE MIDDLE CAROUSEL - Ads Not Aligned
  59. Changing Tab-Content to repeat the layout of first entry
  60. Is there demo content ?
  61. Issue with Homepage Slider
  62. Static Primary Menu Bars for when scrolling down the website
  63. Where is "enable custom field" option
  64. Alignment issue with custom page type
  65. Slow Load Times
  66. Stylebook SERIOUS Tinthumb problems! URGENT REPLY requested.
  67. Can i have help on a static page
  68. My Recent Twitter Widget is not working
  69. Problem with home page
  70. Images not showing on Slider
  71. Media Gallery messed up?
  72. I need help for View All button
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  74. Viewing posts by clicking on image
  75. Stylebook styling issues
  76. Problems with search page?
  77. Is this theme compatible with WP 3.9?
  78. Timthumb problem....
  79. How do I change my favicon?
  80. IMPORTANT Ad not showing up
  81. Default post layout
  82. Appearance questions
  83. Help with code for ads
  84. Changing the color of font
  85. Customizing caption style?
  86. Slider tabs not working when clicked on - Help!
  87. Extra Categories on Homepage
  88. It seems broke
  89. How to remove the Home link at top of page?
  90. Banner ad code in Header ad displays raw code?
  91. Remove date from single post
  92. Changing the excerpt length on the archive pages
  93. Headlines and first paragraph not good on the right hand side
  94. Problems with mainnav dropdown colour
  95. Does WPML work with it?
  96. Google Page Speed Test
  97. Want to add "Published at: , Updated at: "
  98. Strange image covers my comment section
  99. Comment count on category section
  100. A strange question
  101. Encountering Bug
  102. Unable to add adsense code
  103. Except length in default archive layout change from 55 words
  104. Advertising space template
  105. Number of archives posts to show
  106. Style theme causes image upload problem with Forum script
  107. Twitter and facebook recommended plugins
  108. Gabfire Widget pack
  109. How do I get to change colours
  110. Image preview on home page
  111. Video not displayed correct on mobles
  112. Drop Down Category Options in Stylebook Theme Options
  113. Featured category colour
  114. Showing category problem on the main page
  115. Navigation Broken - Catergory Link Defaults to Main Page
  116. The Featured menu disappears
  117. Main Page Slider
  118. Randomize news ticker
  119. Ad placement
  120. Header social icons issue
  121. Since last 8 months no update
  122. Clickable on thumbnails ?
  123. Loop-Default - change image size and text alignment
  124. Correct size of images
  125. Tabs Font size
  126. Footer style
  127. Adding link to masthead
  128. How to remove Gabfire Themes link in wp-admin pages?
  129. Google + doesn't work
  130. Problem with header ad
  131. Page view
  132. Change max responsitivity
  133. Mega Dropdown display problem - last category on the Main Nav menu
  134. Removing the 'Media Gallery' from Stylebook homepage
  135. Ltr css
  136. My categories dont fit in menu
  137. Sidebar Re-alignment (& 2 other Questions)
  138. Plugin question
  139. Secondary menu higlighted colour
  140. Custom Field syntax error
  141. Making Large Logo Responsive
  142. Category Page
  143. Overlapping logo and move nav menus
  144. Subtitle excerpts and thumbnail hyperlinking
  145. Gabfire flickr widgets not properly displayed
  146. i need helps with edit emages
  147. Invisible in the theme Widgets
  148. TAB #1, imagen completa.
  149. Change of category picture size
  150. Header ad causes dis-alignment of the below menu
  151. How resize maximum widht page on 980px?
  152. Cyrillic problem!!!!
  153. Translation files (po files?)
  154. Media gallery is not displaying correctly.
  155. Home Page Slider Not Sliding
  156. Right column
  157. need search function within top navigation bar
  158. To put into writing advertising
  159. Remove tags from Category Pages
  160. Change search results page style
  161. Include "subtitle" in post introduction
  162. Delete "category" and change author text
  163. Number of times a story was viewed both on category and single row
  164. Problems with home design
  165. Issue with IE browser 11
  166. Custom post type not working
  167. ana sayfadan yazar adını gizlemek.
  168. Problem with ad
  169. where to find single.php file to add author bio to posts
  170. Can't set up the home page.
  171. Ad above header and top menu
  172. Slide from RTL
  173. Feedback
  174. Auto justify all text, please help
  175. Widgets Related Posts Limit 5 ?
  176. Videos suddenly disappeared from mobile platform
  177. How to hide Grey dividing lines?
  178. categories overlapping on homepage layout
  179. Header logo and ad is displayed as twon lines
  180. How to make Stylebook UNresponsive
  181. Hpw to post audio url or downloads
  182. A bigger adsense banner
  183. İçeriklere Saat eklemek
  184. stylebook: do not show post without featured image on slider
  185. 728*90 ad is cut while viewed on mobile
  186. Single post page body font size
  187. Search page taking a long time to load
  188. Secondary navigation misaligned suddenly
  189. How to disable timthumb (which is causing a lot of CPU usage)
  190. Problem with secondary nav menu!
  191. Multiple Images in post problem
  192. Change search default layout
  193. PSD files for Stylebook
  194. Gabfire media module
  195. Stylebook:Media Gallery Left section posts from unknown category
  196. increase the category name font size
  197. change the color
  198. Home page slider not working
  199. How to Get Class Blog Homepage
  200. Background color won't change
  201. Center logo and header ad
  202. Sidebar or Text widget above Blog page template
  203. Gallery of images
  204. error message when trying to upload image
  205. Private Banner
  206. Front page ticker
  207. Categorie head on one line and other page template
  208. Tags template
  209. Sorting of posts - Suggestion
  210. allow non administrators to manage ads as well as categories block
  211. Starter Problems... Where is the content.php?
  212. Can't Hide Meta Data
  213. Urgent help needed with sylebook theme
  214. Kategori Başlıklarında Kayma Var
  215. Sitede kullanılan H tagları sayısı hakkında
  216. Catch first image
  217. prepare mainmenu before selectbox call
  218. Transparency
  219. Problem with Primary Navigation Menu
  220. Remove "written by" and contact form
  221. Posts with no photos
  222. Page Attribute 2 Column with Category
  223. Theme Options - Stylebook
  224. Logo position
  225. Problems with sidebar (innerpage) widget!
  226. Fatal error: allowed memory size exhausted
  227. Emptying Video URL
  228. Slider & Magazine Archive page tweaks
  229. Theme Suddenly Broken
  230. Removing Date and "No Comment" on all Posts
  231. Stylebook - Header Logo not responsive
  232. Stylebook Pagination Location
  233. How do I install the Demo contents for Stylebook?
  234. plz help me gabfire support team
  235. Stylebook Shortcodes
  236. Video not showing up in the frontpage & post.
  237. Post per Page, need help
  238. Related Post per Page
  239. ADV in the each single post
  240. Tag page design. Please help
  241. Secondary Navigation unabled on mobile :(
  242. Image Rotation in Featured Slider
  243. Tabbed Area "stuck"
  244. Couple of problems, could you please help me with them?
  245. English and Arabic Wordpress
  246. Transcript to Stylebook please help me!
  247. Home slider
  248. StyleBook problems
  249. Feature images suddenly not showing on home page
  250. How can I not display Keyword Tags on Post pages