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  1. Hide Tags from Showing in Post
  2. Doesn't accept any first steps options changes
  3. Patterns is installed but Theme Options page is Blank
  4. Patterns on Multisite
  5. Custom CSS problem in Patterns theme
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  7. Pictures don't resize on iPad view
  8. No support for short codes?
  9. No images showing up as thumbnails
  10. Comprehensive Google Map Plugin
  11. Settings do not get saved
  12. Custom Styles not working
  13. Do not duplicate posts, still shows same post in more than one category on the homepa
  14. Timely quik Shortcodes fix
  15. Problem with Sharing on facebook
  16. View All links for SUBNEWS 1-4 link to homepage, not category
  17. Activating Menus
  18. Related Posts Error/ More Subnews
  19. v0.4, settings save but don't display
  20. Category/archive page problems
  21. Big picture post template - image resolution
  22. Subnews 4 does not display assigned category posts
  23. Custom styles: Background samples don't match results
  24. Templates in Single Posts
  25. Footer Navigation above Header
  26. Banner in Header
  28. Gabfire Widget Ajax Tabs not responsive
  29. Manage Ads strips SCRIPT tags
  30. How to update from Ver 0.1 to Ver 0.4
  31. Featured Collage not usable with other Entries then 8
  32. Classic Blog Layout
  33. Latest Posts Question
  34. Text Wrap around Thumbnail Problem
  35. Widget Map?
  36. Custom Styles questions
  37. Read More Link or Button
  38. Is there any pbm with V 0.4 ?
  39. Share Button Problem
  40. Posted date missing
  41. Left col modules on single col view
  42. Errors in Post Layout Right Sidebar
  43. Share Buttons in Post Layout Right Sidebar
  44. Text Excerpt in Featured Collage?
  45. Most Recent Posts with Custom Query Widget
  46. Logo Center and move Search Bar
  47. Cant get analytics to work.
  48. Post Big Image Template - single image rather than several
  49. Archive / Category Pages - Link Image To Post
  50. Gallery not working
  51. Help needed to solve Higher CPU usage
  52. Homepage not updating
  53. Bottom News Windows Bleeding off Canvas
  54. Change Text Logo Font Settings
  55. Ad Code Format
  56. Short Code not working
  57. Video Resizing
  58. Masthead Caption
  59. Images
  60. Latest news scroller
  61. Footer Credits Not Removing on Patterns
  62. When can we expect a v05 release?
  63. Patterns users read this
  64. Categroy Based Ads For Dropdown Menu
  65. From City-desk to pattern but
  66. Credit source element
  67. Difference between default and right Sidebar Layout on purpose?
  68. 2 Column Cat Template Recent Video and Error
  69. Please explain Cat Template with Top Slider
  70. Pre-sale questions
  71. Whitespace in Article
  72. Video URL
  73. Catch first Image
  74. Number of Posts on Page
  75. v5 ajax tabs broken
  76. Theme Options not working
  77. V05?
  78. qeustion for Mehmet and BoyLogik
  79. widget- cycle2 slider
  80. Theme Options>Categories>Masthead Latest News
  81. Updating versions
  82. Unwanted widgets in Right Sidebar & Big Picture posts
  83. Some issues
  84. display in Internet Explorer
  85. photos/video not shown in main page
  86. Can't remove YARPP widget from Posts Sidebar.
  87. Refresh/Reload required for all front page thumbnails to display.
  88. Post meta: dates
  89. Sharing widget above author bio
  90. Comment reply link issue
  91. upload video
  92. Duplicate Feed Title on Your Demo Page and My Website
  93. patterns theme options have disappeared on me
  94. Collage fixed at 8 images?
  95. Page alignment not working after settings saved
  96. Logo area patterns and centering
  97. Video upload and widget issues
  98. Which file controls post heading styles?
  99. version 6
  100. Gabfire Flickr widget not loading images
  101. WARNING: call_user_func_array
  102. i have 3 problems :)
  103. Website Text Logo Does Not Match Theme
  104. Theme displaying outside of the border onto the background
  105. Author profile links should be opened in new tab. What to do?
  106. Patterns translation questions here
  107. Adding URL to front page ads breaks theme structure.
  108. Duplicate Primary Mid Column
  109. Collage Modification Code
  110. Short code HELP
  111. Paterns theme setup tutorial
  112. Default post layout
  113. Fatal error: Allowed memory size
  114. left sidebar widget
  115. Style Option
  116. Mobile version question
  117. Blank space in homepage under homepage ad and baner not showing in mozilla
  118. Images bigger than left side in preview post
  119. How to add banner on specific category
  120. Fist 8 images crop
  121. Firefox problem
  122. Thumbs not displaying
  123. gabfire ajax tabs
  124. Share widget? Loose autor bio under posts?
  125. First time instal, where is parent zip?
  126. Debug mode error
  127. Right sidebar for search and tags search
  128. First time install...where is zip of parent theme?
  129. plugin for most read posts
  130. What would be the maximum ad width for Wide-1
  131. Major issue: iFrames in right (3rd) column
  132. New sharing widget
  133. Shortcodes
  134. Avatar bio and author links
  135. Can the pattern image at the top of the theme be removed?
  136. Social Icons Widget - #1
  137. "Archive Search" theme problem - #2
  138. Gabfire: Post Tabs Widget - doesnt work - #3
  139. Popular, Random post widgets? Where it is? - #4
  140. "Gabfire: Share Items" widget problems - #5
  141. Gallery atached image size - #6
  142. Category Look - #7
  143. Video thumbs doest appear - #8 [solved]
  144. different categories in widget
  145. Editing options no longer working
  146. Chrome Issue
  147. Translation with Codestyle Localization
  148. Primary content mid column - top
  149. How do i remove date from posts, pages, and homepage
  150. Adding an organization/website to author by-line
  151. Has anyone installed Buddy Press on Patterns?
  152. Recent Videos
  153. How to remove search box on the header
  154. Youtube videos not displaying in v7
  155. Custom Menu On Category Page
  156. Make Mobile view of patterns theme look like desktop view
  157. Blog layout as home page
  158. Dual Image in Post
  159. Opera mobile
  160. Front page pictres
  161. Inconsistent Grabbing of Post Images for Front Page Collage
  162. Favicon Not Showing
  163. Gallery pics show left sidebar
  164. Removing Tags from Showing on Posts
  165. white background is too small
  166. Text Resize -+ Not ...
  167. Image and Column problems with Sandbox Trial
  168. Secondary Content Right Column - bottom slider
  169. tried to update to v08.. theme options not working
  170. Fullscreen Background
  171. Error on bottom of articles
  172. Bullet list of links - how can I get rid of it?
  173. Update from v0.7 to v0.8. HOW?
  174. Bugs with Tweet button.
  175. How can I turn off images in SECONDARY-4?
  176. Why do I get a bullet list in SECONDARY-3?
  177. Can I change font?
  178. Need Leaderboard Ad space in header
  179. remove comments and author info
  180. Thousands of 404s after upgradering to 0.8
  181. How to customize without breaking future theme updates?
  182. Mega Dropdown duplication despite using navigation exclude
  183. How to test Templates?
  184. tabbed ui widget
  185. Headline Padding
  186. header banners
  187. Child Theme - Simplicity
  188. Patterns home page all images broken often
  189. How to use Photo Gallery Template?
  190. TimThumb vs wordpress thumbnails
  191. Where to add CSS Styling to Change Header Logo Text
  192. Removing Recent Videos
  193. Fancybox
  194. Thumbnail for Video Posts
  195. Changing heading font
  196. No menu when viewing from Mobile
  197. Widget ares for single.php
  198. Columnist
  199. Internet Explorer JavaScript Issues
  200. Sizes and Responsiveness behaviour
  201. Disable Breaking News on Top
  202. Header break
  203. Compatible with BuddyPress?
  204. Two Header Questions
  205. Compatible with BuddyPress?
  206. Integrate Patterns with existing WP site
  207. Theme Settings v09
  208. Removing bullets
  209. Making section headers and widget headers consisted
  210. Text Color with Custom Style
  211. Divider Missing
  212. One of my sections is formatted oddly
  213. Prevent Thumbnail images
  214. Helvetica
  215. Right column in 3 column view
  216. Two line Menu
  217. Patterns Child Theme and Codex Instruction
  218. Removing Home Button
  219. 500 error in wp-admin after installation Pattern
  220. Display Author pic instead of thumbnail
  221. Archive page
  222. Display/Format Issues with Firefox 22
  223. timthumb question
  224. How to exclude some categories from home page.
  225. Gallery recommendations
  226. How to Remove "Categories" Selection List Displayed
  227. Removing Colored Patterned Triangles on Theme
  228. Menu with latest posts from each category
  229. Cutting of ads
  230. "DO NOT DUPLICATE POSTS" option
  231. not images in Patterns
  232. BIG images in Patterns
  233. change size of images in secondary?
  234. Error in tab widgets
  235. Using a dark footer
  236. First time install - Look like the demo
  237. Homepage content - How to display content other then "posts"?
  238. Patterns Theme Options and Dual Language Site
  239. Giving the posts in the collage a priority?
  240. How to add banner advert
  241. Resize thumbnail with original dimensions on blog page instead of crop?
  242. Theme Options not working
  243. Slider inside post?
  244. Change Signup link (page)
  245. changing main menu font
  246. Featured Collage - Patterns Theme
  247. Taxonomy in Featured Collage
  248. Change Featured image in post to gallery
  249. Changes to Category Archive Pages
  250. Infinite scrolling on Archive pahes