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  1. My Opinion on Opinions
  2. All carousels are hidden on mobile
  3. What is a Mega Dropdown?
  4. Widget Map Confusion
  5. Headlines
  6. Insert Leaderboard Ad
  7. How Do you Change HomePage Layouts?
  8. Cathch First Image
  9. Add Widget to Middle Column?
  10. What are Trending Topics?
  11. Primary Right 1
  12. Lengthening Titles on Middle Column
  13. Bonus Themes
  14. I can't access Pages
  15. Both my Featured image and regular image show up on post
  16. Check out this Wacky Post Page!
  17. Large Header Logo - Full 970 Pixels Wide
  18. Display primaryleft_3col content horizontally instead of vertically
  19. Captions
  20. Opinions will have to wait
  21. Change color/size and font in the homepage
  22. Sorting entries
  23. Footer socialize widget
  24. 404 site has no formatting/ template
  25. Can members submit content
  26. adding thumbnail to Primary top Mid Column and Right hand - Below second carousel
  27. grid display - repeated posts
  28. Name category
  29. Installation
  30. Register and Login buttons on the right now appearing
  31. twitter,facebook & main slider questions
  32. French translation for opinion theme?
  33. Can we merge this forum with the other Opinions forum?
  34. Any forum plugin to recommand for Opinion?
  35. searchform.php
  36. primary navigation menu
  37. New version
  38. Removing Date from postings
  39. MOBILE Version Defaults to ALL Categories including actual posts in Menu
  40. Gabefire Connect Widget in Footer Menu Not Working.
  41. Primary top Mid Column
  42. Padding for Widget Below Navigation
  43. bugs?
  44. Primary top Mid Column question
  45. how to change the post title font in Opinion?
  46. Exclude categories on blog page
  47. all.js - GET failed
  48. Sharing Buttons
  49. Sharring Buttons
  50. Unable to disable the WordPress social buttons after posts
  51. more tweak question
  52. releated posts frame problem
  53. Mobile Device white space above the site
  54. About installing the theme with WP mutisite option
  55. category magazin style
  56. Facebook Like Button pop-up does not appear
  57. changing font size of just the BOTTOM CAROUSEL
  58. Images not displaying
  59. Flexslider navigation
  60. Related posts not showing
  61. Wrong category link
  62. Sidebar for Category "magazine" style layout
  63. width of the window BuddyPress
  64. Share Widget
  65. Custom Category Template
  66. Main Menu background color
  67. adding "comment count" next to "read more"
  68. Custom RSS image enclosure
  69. ad in sidebar, primary botton
  70. hide or remove "Posted By" and "Trend Topics"
  71. Changing default BuddyPress theme within Opinions?
  72. Allowing existing users to create their own blogs
  73. Right-to-Left text
  74. Opinion and buddypress
  75. Bug: Main menu not fully IE 8 compatible - sub menus don't work
  76. Custom CSS field and the > selector
  77. Changing blog categories name font size/color
  78. Mid Carousel Image Size
  79. two items - footer and twitter feed
  80. Bottom Carousel
  81. Red Theme
  82. Top Carousel
  83. Grey background in footer not showing in tablet devices on right hand side
  84. Mid & Bottom Carousel
  85. Custom Styling
  86. Theme optimization
  87. CATEGORIES (Theme Options)
  88. Trending Topics
  89. Default category template for homepage?
  90. Blog Title
  91. custom menus
  92. 728 x 90 header ad size instead of 468 x 60
  93. video does not appear on the mobile device
  94. featured images not pulling through to home page
  95. Mid and Second Carousel are not working
  96. How to stop spam bots creating user accounts?
  97. Slider code seems wacked out
  98. How can I get the single-default.php into a child theme?
  99. post's style layout broken
  100. Quick Format question
  101. Making header background see through to body image
  102. Post category pages not displaying
  103. Something is wrong with "Opinions" theme!
  104. I lost my PrimaryLeft1
  105. move position of page widget
  106. Shortcodes und Ajax Tabs funktionieren nicht mehr
  107. Suggestions for Category listing in responsive design?
  108. how do i remove the map from the footer
  109. posteaser move to widget?
  110. how do i add fourth column to footer so i can add archive widget
  111. Changing Size of Mid Carousel
  112. How to add mp3 file to post
  113. Remove Mid Carousel completely?
  114. Ads other than Google Ad Sense don't seem to work in Opinions
  115. My Site is Suddenly Displaying a Mobile Format While I'm at My Desktop
  116. Right Column
  117. Home
  118. Video Image
  119. Titles
  120. Center Column
  121. Background color
  122. Left sidebar?
  123. Search
  124. Video Question
  125. How to make description of category visible?
  126. Newsletter widget - footer mid
  127. Navigation and padding.
  128. Enhanced content blocks on homepage?
  129. How to increase title length?
  130. gabfire related posts widget on mobil devices
  131. "400 Bad Request Invalid request" message?
  132. News ticker instead of tags below menu, please :)
  133. How to remove date, author and categories from posts?
  134. Changing color of primary top mid column
  135. Photo size issue on mobil device
  136. 2 Column - Right hand below featured slider - Changing title color
  137. Primary and secondary menus?
  138. BuddyPress Sign up button missing
  139. Banner(s) between posts content?
  140. Change the main slider height?
  141. amount of posts shown in 4-Column category
  142. BuddyPress forums now working
  143. Primary Top Mid Column incorrect layout in IE
  144. Opinions Font sizes and button color on Menu
  145. Fixed width menu and footer?
  146. Custom queries
  147. Ajax Tabs with date?
  148. Highlight Category on Homepage
  149. Do not duplicate posts
  150. Inner slider in single article
  151. Breadcrumb (navigation)
  152. Edit Masthead design
  153. 403 Error, Google Analytics
  154. Add Masthead
  155. Multimedia
  156. "Big Picture" post template - how it works exactly?
  157. # of posts in each category
  158. buddypress 1.7 branch ?
  159. Twitter frame work
  160. prevent to appaer some widget on desktop view
  161. Related Posts
  162. Bottom and Middle Carousels Not Working
  163. my opinion can't be seen in review or online
  164. Add Banner above/below mid carousel at home page
  165. translate Opinions
  166. Opinions theme - blog body /title font color change?
  167. How to associate Pages to a Category & Mega menu behavior
  168. Small Window Not Displaying
  169. Creating Pages
  170. how to tweak footer
  171. Just purchased theme. Download page does not work!
  172. Opnions change log
  173. Featured image
  174. <h1> duplicates
  175. register button to go to register page
  176. removing the standard share buttons
  177. duplicate posts on category pages
  178. move related posts sections below comments
  179. Error in Social buttons after posts
  180. Mean Featured Slider Disappears
  181. The entire text is only written in bold
  182. Sliders Loop
  183. Remove Numbers in Primary top Mid Column + Left Align Text
  184. Change the colour of the themestyle sheet
  185. Summary lengths and alignment of posts
  186. Sidebar displays below page content on buddypress pages
  187. Pictures & Slider Not Loading
  188. Get Rid of White Space
  189. Display an image in the "Header Ad Space"
  190. Is it really responsive?
  191. Carousel image tabs not showing up on homepage
  192. Remove mobile view from ipad?
  193. How to change the beige color throughout...
  194. Primary top Mid Column headline length
  195. Category pages have HUGE images
  196. Remove big image from single post | Opinions theme
  197. Question on ADS for MEGA DROPDOWN
  198. Image attachment pages are left aligned?
  199. 4 column category template
  200. Issue with Mobile Responsive
  201. Add Search Box to Right of Trending Topics
  202. I am about to GIVEUP on Gabfire as its too slow and hard to configure
  203. Need the translation manual or guide for the theme i buy (opinions)
  204. iPhone responsive css issue for some single post pages but not all?
  205. Remove the responsive style
  206. Need help for configure opinions attached a and b image
  207. BuddyPress Profile link
  209. Not responsive on iPad.
  210. update to v 0.5
  211. BuddyPress installation
  212. Need help to configure
  213. widgets
  214. How to hide comments section?
  215. How to hide author's box below posts?
  216. Change Settings of Primary Slider
  217. Opinions Theme - Sample data and exact theme options
  218. How to remove query strings from timthumb?
  219. how do i control change this widget on the home page
  220. how do i make my logo go right across the width of the fullpage
  221. Secondary Menu and Trending Topics
  222. Changing home page template
  223. Mobile Version
  224. Thumbnail Issue
  225. How can i disable default "Related Posts" area?
  226. How can i disable default "Aouthr Box" area?
  227. New Intstall, imorted posts but no pictures on front page.
  228. grid format images question
  229. menu question
  230. how do i make the home page display like with grid images
  231. Sidebar on post page is below post
  232. ipad 3rd column problem
  233. how do i remove home on menu bar?
  234. What is the best way to get mobile ads to show up in Opinions (ie Iphone or Android)
  235. Repeating background image
  236. Display Selected post at homepage
  237. Expanded slider and elements underneath
  238. Changing the width of container
  239. Color of categories on main nav and front page
  240. Adding thumbnail pictures of other posts underneath the featured slider
  241. Featured slider
  242. how do i set a redirect on the home page
  243. how do i remove footer Powered by WordPress - Designed by Gabfire Themes
  244. how do i put the sign up newsletter into a wiget
  245. Fixing text margins / spacing
  246. Admin Bar not displaying...
  247. CSS overview of codes
  248. source
  249. Pagination of post gallery
  250. Wrong thumbnails in sharing posts on Facebook