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  1. Opinions mobile menu
  2. Change the theme color scheme
  3. Expande the slider
  4. Change fonts - single post
  5. Change text width within posts
  6. Category Templates
  7. Return Search Results in Two Columns
  8. displaying sidebar on mobile
  9. How do I resize the feature image on the post page
  10. Page 2 of category template is a different design
  11. Show date in excerpt
  12. Inserting ad code above post content on default single post
  13. Possible bug in loop-magazine.php, and fix
  14. display a message on a blog category page
  15. tag archive pages
  16. sidebar on tag and category pages
  17. extra <br> and <p> tags
  18. Make font smaller on Primary Top Mid Column, and the "box" around it
  19. Adding Custom Field
  20. Logo looks fuzzy when viewed on mobile device
  21. Background color or shade on slider below Secondary-5
  22. Carousels not looping
  23. Slider
  24. Main nav. and related posts
  25. How to show more than eight posts on archive
  26. Gabfire Hooks
  27. Mid Carousel First
  28. Can I remove the date from SECONDARY CONTENT - TOP RIGHT and LEFT
  29. Problems with theme presentation
  30. Need Home Page Square Pictures for 2 Column Below Slider
  31. Duplicate Post Exemption
  32. Buddypress 1.9.2
  33. page 2 of blog not displaying properly
  34. Blog category redirecting to latest post
  35. Widget Area Has Blank Lines
  36. First slider stopped working, second displays wrong all of a sudden
  37. Using Category Template as Homepage
  38. Image at the end of each post
  39. Way Too Many Categories and Archives Displaying
  40. Using text based logo
  41. Twitter Appearing in Homepage Thumbnails
  42. Magazine stye category 2nd page display wish list: 2 columns
  43. Dropline menu
  44. On the home page there are no pictures to be seen, no Pikture in Slider, Why?
  45. Upgraded to BuddyPress 2.1 which Impacts Sliders Styling
  46. I have a doubt about CHMOD777 for wp-content/themes/_opinions
  47. Demo Content
  48. Responsive menu apear on Desktop mode
  49. Recipe no longer shows up under Recipe category at top
  50. Remove - You must be logged in to post a comment Login
  51. sub menu not working
  52. Problems installing the theme
  53. buddypress toolbar missing on the frontend after installing the theme
  54. buddy press and home page slider problem
  55. Problems with Theme
  56. change Leave a Reply text
  57. woocommerce
  58. SSL, Videos, Pictures
  59. Something went wrong during purchase checkout.
  60. The instruction videos don't match my site when installing opinions
  61. Errors in dashboard
  62. No FEATURED SLIDER on Home page
  63. Errors in dashboard - no login possible