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  28. Customization
  29. Default logo
  30. Video URL Error
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  32. Connect theme to large
  33. Category Based ads
  34. website does not look appear correctly on Iphone
  35. Contact Page
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  37. Private Message Button
  38. Disabling Buddypress
  39. main page pictures issue
  40. Api key
  41. Disable Certain Features (Sliders, Categories, etc.)?
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  43. incresing menu categories
  44. Tabbed Sidebar CSS
  45. Feature slider issue.
  46. Creating A Custom Page Template
  47. Changed my Buddypress name an messed up my profile links
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  49. Buddypress menu
  50. Image resized wrong
  51. thumbnail is not exact
  52. Buddypress not re sizing photos correctly
  53. Home Page
  54. How use Shortcodes
  55. Problem with Category Mag Type
  56. Background Color not changing
  57. Remove the "2 COL - BELOW FEATURED SLIDER" section
  58. Sidebar Issues & Recommended Plugins for Buddypress
  59. Page registre - NEED HELP
  60. bbpress problem
  61. Home page central login
  62. Date, Tags, Comments etc. in Featured Slider
  63. Pagination on home page
  64. Demo in xml
  65. The dreaded "cheatin, uh?" when trying to save theme options
  66. Format is skewed after BP templates added
  67. Post indentation for images empty
  68. How To Remove The Featured Slider
  69. Admin Bar Width
  70. Custom Query Widget Title font
  71. Wide posts below 2 col
  72. Space after the content
  73. Ad placement issues
  74. Themes Options
  75. Is there a register widget I'm missing?
  76. How to get other media to show besides Youtube
  77. Gabfire Custom Fields Video Issue
  78. How to remove the home page login field
  79. Manşet hatası
  80. Custom CSS in "two_Cats"
  82. Problems with Slider
  83. Activity related question
  84. About Posts widget
  85. FAIL right out of the box. Fatal error AND footer doesn't work. >:(
  86. forums don't work with connect theme
  87. Header Ad
  88. STILL can't get forums to work - please help.
  89. Changing The background Color
  90. Changing The Font of The Titles
  91. Changing The alignment of the picture and title
  92. Widget Title Change For Footer Columns
  93. Removing Wordpress Login At Top of page
  94. Disable Top Slider
  95. Using 3rd party shortcodes in a shortcode tab
  96. Post Layout Big Picture
  97. Post template selection
  98. Color Selected Category in Navigation Menu
  99. Front page is putting up way old posts
  100. Formatting Slider Excerpt
  101. Top carousel not working
  102. How to control Feature Slider Crop
  103. disable username and password
  104. Members/Groups/Recent Networkwide Posts
  105. How do I get rid of or move these sections?
  106. Another big problem :(
  107. I am trying to have a flippable magazine in my website
  108. Huge Picture in My Posts
  109. Change the font of the Category bar
  110. Problems with initial setup
  111. Error Style Magazine Category Template
  112. "uh...no" error message when saving drafts
  113. Displaying recent networkwide posts in sliders
  114. extra menu items showing up and slider misbehaving
  115. Home page sliders not displaying correctly
  116. timthumb and multisite
  117. About Page
  118. home and logo link
  119. mega dropdown images GINORMOUS
  120. couple of issues with the categories on the front page
  121. Tips on how to speed up site performance?
  122. timthumb vulnerability?
  123. Menu Font
  124. More problems with buddy press / bb press
  125. Top Carousel, Header -Review- Section, and Featured Slider Images
  126. Posts on Pages
  127. categories, date of post, comments and read more
  128. Main Menu Displayed twice (sorta- not the exact same categories)
  129. Remove header review tags
  130. Creating Second Menu and disabling Activity Stream
  131. I can't access the posts
  132. website is really slow
  133. Top Carousel
  134. Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/alberto1/public_html/f1stu
  135. Site is screwy on IE
  136. Google analytics not working. it's been 24hrs
  137. How do I create a sidebar?
  138. Make mine look and work like demo
  139. Connect Theme is not working at all. It just shows up as a Blank Page.
  140. How to change my content slider? i want to different style :(
  141. Can not edit footer
  142. Carousel, Registration, Comments
  143. Turn off Buddypress?
  144. Sample Data NOT APPEARING
  145. Struggling with documentation and general setup
  146. Cant hide top carousel
  147. How can I reduce the header?
  148. buddy press
  149. Author names in post previews in homepage
  150. Menu and background questions
  151. Header -review- section
  152. Center Main Menu
  153. 2 col - below featured slider
  154. Insert more tag or pagination
  155. logo and homepage ads
  156. Top Carousel only shows half of one post?
  157. Title to WIDE POSTS BELOW 2 COL
  158. sub-categories - Mega dropdown
  159. Secondary Menu
  160. Sidebar on homepage
  161. Display Problems On iPhone and Samsung G3 phones
  162. Font changes
  163. HUGE Firefox issue! Stylings have gone!
  164. Members aren't displaying
  165. Top Carousel - WP newbie
  166. Top Carousel Image Sizes
  167. Top Carousel Background Colour Change?
  168. For connect
  169. Posts Not Displaying Under Category
  170. Set Padding
  171. Anyone have any Connect Sites they want to Show off?
  172. Featured slider not working well
  173. Connect/Buddypress compatibility with WordPress 4.5.2
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  175. 500 Internal Server Error when installing Connect Demo