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  1. Another fine theme
  2. Installation Documentation
  3. How do i get rid of the dark background running across the featured slider?
  4. Two-coloured category title does not show on Homepage
  5. Footer Links
  6. Javascript error and shortcodes not displaying gallery
  7. API key not valid
  8. How to format front page with fewer categories
  9. expand.png problem
  10. Best image size to use / image ratio
  11. How to remove dates from posts
  12. Font used in logo for Arts and Culture
  13. trending topics on Arts and Culture... how to set it
  14. How to add more fonts to the theme??
  15. Number of post appears in home page
  16. default image for articles with no image?
  17. How can I modify the look of a single widget?
  18. Read More as button
  19. Ad im mid columd
  20. Slider on the bottom title error
  21. Problem with thumbnail
  22. Tabbed content widget not working
  23. Magazine template just working for the first page of a category
  24. Changing Fonts and Capilisation
  25. ¿How to remove the post excerpts from homepage?
  26. Author badges, and rel=author for Google+
  27. remove trending topics menu with tags
  28. footer links
  29. 2 questions
  30. help with gabfire widgets and widget areas
  31. Problem with post text if I change the background
  32. New Wordpress 3.4 Embeddable Tweets not working correctly
  33. You taunt me with the beauty of this theme!
  34. Enlarging & centering featured slider
  35. Give users a light version and a dark version of the site?
  36. google confirm ownership code into header
  37. Amazon ads code & category font style
  38. Set three-column post type for all single posts
  39. Related Posts Thumbnail for Youtube Videos
  40. ads analytics scripts
  41. Changing Color
  42. Related Posts Thumbs Fail
  43. Feature Section - Issue w/ posts on the right of the slide, above View More button.
  44. Advertising - home page 468x60
  45. Top Bar Navigation > Page Templates > Blog Function Question
  46. Disable Image in Category Article
  47. Background Color or Image Leaks Across the Post or Page
  48. Widget Map for Arts and Culture, and Overall Instructions
  49. Footer widget area
  50. Use category template as front page?
  51. Widget heading style?
  52. Images and Gallery Slideshows Aren't Showing Up
  53. Widget System Gone
  54. Problem with Post Thumbnail from Nextgen Gallery
  55. Email subscription on Header?
  56. Insert disclosure (text) as a script?
  57. Reviewazon Plugin Problems
  58. Image like Title category
  59. Image Gallery Section
  60. Images not resizing correctly
  61. How To Use Google Fonts
  62. Activating small slider below on home page before footer.
  63. You Tube Video blocking featured Image
  64. demo XML and PSD files
  65. Social Widget Won't Appear At Top of Site
  66. Change widget title colors
  67. Problemas con las imagenes de portada
  68. Change Timeframe in Popular News Widget
  69. How to Set Post Template to 3-Column for EVERY POST (OLD & NEW)
  70. Cat. Template 3-Column Layout
  71. Removing the long gray image
  72. Google Search Code for Arts & Culture
  73. Changing font color and size of Title of article in post
  74. Art and culture
  75. Media Gallery Category Images
  76. Erase LAST Link
  77. How to Remove "No comment"
  78. Footer customization
  79. Post Templates
  80. Archive Magazine Style Catagory Template Option
  81. HELP!! Interstital Ad
  82. Images are too big
  83. Last slide on main slider shows weird code!
  84. Header area please help
  85. A few questions...
  86. General Questions
  87. Nav menu
  88. author info
  89. Footer
  90. Problems with my home page
  91. Cat. Template Layout
  92. Site keeps moving
  93. text and link colour footer area
  94. help me translate the theme in Italian
  95. Smart phone format
  96. Change Log Request
  97. Post Widget
  98. Header Font in Greek and English not showing the same Font...
  99. Padding and Borders in modules... how to delete them.
  100. Category captions in middle col. do not look the same
  101. custom text above mid column - change font
  102. Homepage Cat Column Captions
  103. Homepage banner image
  104. The Ultimate "Thumbnail Not Showing Up" Fix!!
  105. Post template 3 column magazine layout
  106. Where is the widget location page?
  107. Archive - magazine style category template
  108. CSS Positioning issues on Home Page
  109. the widget custom Query
  110. Second Row of Category Captions in middle bar not showing
  111. Change size of featured image in posts
  112. Paginate post problem
  113. Widget Share Items Twitter Button
  114. forum plugins
  115. Read More tag
  116. Category Layout
  117. Title for right side slider
  118. Media template
  119. child theme
  120. Need old custom fields to show up
  121. Plugin trouble
  122. Changing title of Archive or Category page
  123. Upon Installation/Activation Every Page Is "0"
  124. Different widgets on different categories
  125. Grey background
  126. popular/recent news
  127. Buddypress Install, Will it work?
  128. footer width
  129. background image
  130. rss feed
  131. Large images are pixelated on large image slider on single posts
  132. Question
  133. UPgrade theme
  134. Problem with ecommerce on Checkout page
  135. Colour question
  136. Media category template
  137. I can not embed ads in your theme
  138. Insert News Ticker
  139. Featured Slider shows code
  140. Pinterest Button on Share Widget
  141. Mega Menu not in Arts & Culture theme?
  142. Including a 'summary' beneath each post title
  143. Arts & Culture Theme conflicts with Events Calendar - Community Events add on
  144. Back dating posts
  145. magazine image in footer
  146. Banner in header of 728x90
  147. Plugin Breadcrumb Navigation
  148. 125 x 125 ads
  149. How to reduce with of the dash marks in between listed titles on the rightside column
  150. Attachment Page
  151. Gabfire Share Widget
  152. Archive page - page X of Y
  153. Magazine Cat Style Side Widget
  154. 4 column problem
  155. How to add custom fonts
  156. Firefox home content problem
  157. feature posts on main page
  158. Replace grey area behind featured slider?
  159. Featured Slide Show on Home Page
  160. Remove featured images on bottom half of home page
  161. I have a white line in the footer
  162. Is version 0.5 the newest one?
  163. Conflict with my previous site settings (I think)
  164. Image size problem
  165. Broken Images throughout Arts & Culture theme
  166. Link Sidebar Posts Featured Image to Outside URL
  167. 2 col post single
  168. Post and home page look
  169. XML file to clone demo for Arts and Culture template
  170. Color of Cat doesnt reflect theme colour?
  171. [...] this is supposed expand entire artile but it doesn't
  172. Youtube Video don't show sometimes when posted in Video Url
  173. Theme documentation question: Setting up Category Templates
  174. Font in top menu bar
  175. How to remove "News" link from Main Menu
  176. Link for cover image doesn't working
  177. Manual translation
  178. MidCol2 & all the other ones... possible to have title go above the thumbnail?
  179. Categories not updating
  180. New style
  181. This Theme's Sidebar Does not Work With Some Plugins
  182. Sidebar is Beneath Page Content
  183. Pages text
  184. Slider not displaying text next to image
  185. Widget Map
  186. Help in placing more ads
  187. Image size of the Slide?
  188. amazon code
  189. Upgrade to v.05 breaks theme
  190. Right Sidebar is displaying on the very top of page
  191. Ticker
  192. Going crazy with this widgets
  193. Remove logo from FlexSlider
  194. Featured Images - count
  195. How to get "Popular/News" Widget below "Sidebar 1" and "Post Sidebar 1" Widgets
  196. Popular tab label
  197. Add Search Bar to Nav Bar?
  198. Attachment Page
  199. Magazine layout category not working!!
  200. Mid column slogan: create some default text?
  201. Remove date posted, author, and category from top of posts.
  202. Image wont insert into post wordpress 3.5 or save as draft
  203. Removing widgets from home page
  204. 2-col to 3-col
  205. How to edit Footer font (e.g. home, about, etc)
  206. Eliminating Tags from Posts
  207. Mega Menu Plugin Issues
  208. Change URL of Featured Image
  209. Sidebar Content Overlapping Footer
  210. Change Widget icon colors
  211. Removing extra footer pixels & footer menu
  212. Forum Access
  213. Popular and Recent Articles Tabs Overlapping
  214. Plugins not showing up on Widgets Page
  215. Slider stop working?!?!?!
  216. Arts & Culture Manşet Çalışmıyor
  217. slider not working on theme
  218. Media Gallery in the home page
  219. images not rendering - issue w/ timthumb
  220. Drop-down and tab short-code stopped working!
  221. Multiple Problems with this theme
  222. Gabfire shortcode not working
  223. Edit template category
  224. Comprehensive Google Map Plugin now shows grey box
  225. Comparing Theme Version Files
  226. Moved Site to New Server, Imported database, Settings/Design Messed up
  227. Feature Slider not Working on Inside Pages
  228. How to update title tags on categories
  229. Header Search Form Style is Not Working in IE
  231. Widget picture problem - on smaller resolution
  232. IE error
  233. Responsive
  234. Home Page Middle Column Image Size
  235. How to remove the text in the black rectangles in the front page ? Help !
  236. WPML - Problem with front page in secondary language
  237. Just uploaded theme and images not showing
  238. Help with BLOG page
  239. Widget messing with theme
  240. Theme arts and culture : Slide wide in each article
  241. Thumbnails Error
  242. Featured slider has stopped working
  243. Mobile Compatibility
  244. Featured Slider
  245. Subtitle Custom Field in Arts & Culture theme
  246. Responsive theme partially working
  247. 404 error page
  248. Home Page Slider cutting off pictures
  249. TopNavigation
  250. 468x60 ad