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  1. Area right of featured slider
  2. Ads not shown, also need more ad space
  3. Translation
  4. Feature area to right of slider
  5. One line menu, not two _ how to fit everything into one line
  6. Default image border on single-post page
  7. Co-Authors Plus For Arts & Culture Theme
  8. Slider
  9. Adding Video To The Slider
  10. Theme does not show in any browser
  11. Menu dropdown not work
  12. Too many entries appearing - "Enable Popular and Recent news"
  13. Sample file to populate my theme
  14. Update issues
  15. Images won't show on home page
  16. not aligned footer
  17. 4 Col Category Template For Archive Pages
  18. "Most read" color?!
  19. inner page slider and bottom slider
  20. Slider
  21. Widget Pack Plugin problems
  22. Arts an Culture with Gold Cart from Getshopped
  23. Is Turning Off Mobile Resizing Possible?
  24. Category title
  25. footer(chrome) and midcolumn4(IE)
  26. Captions on the feature area to right of homepage slider
  27. custom query widget
  28. Strange issue after upgrade
  29. Video Placement In Posts Not Configuring Properly...
  30. Category and Archive Titles
  31. Full width
  32. Facebook issue
  33. what is in the new update?
  34. SIDEBAR 300X250 - TOP and BOTTOM
  35. Fatal error in 1.1
  36. image crop from top
  37. duplicate posts homepage
  38. CATCH FIRST IMAGE not working
  39. menu and trending topics
  40. posts updates
  41. Leave a Reply form after posts
  42. numbered pagination
  43. post layout
  44. featured slider
  45. Cat. Template 3-Column Layout
  46. resent and popular news widget
  47. how to embed an mp4 file without a plugin?
  48. theme options-restore default
  49. Imagnes in Category 3 column magazine layout
  50. URGENT: Art and Culture theme malfunctiions
  51. Image galery into post
  52. what is the widget
  53. I need refund
  54. Home - Mid Col, Top Wide Cat.
  55. 3 questions for Arts+Culture
  56. Arrow appearing in navigation on front page
  57. Tags on posts not showing
  58. Tags not showing in 3 col. single post layout
  59. post side bar 2 (RANDOM)
  60. when the gafire team will post the new theme?
  61. primary menu
  62. Inner page slider, dropdown menus not working after update
  63. Slider not work for: CATEGORY TEMPLATE WITH SLIDER
  64. Main page category colour change...possible?
  65. Category Template Problem: archive-magazine.php
  66. Tag template
  67. Analytics - Ads
  68. Add left margin for text in pages and individual posts
  69. How to display information in the orange box right next to main slider on home page
  70. Yoast breadcrumbs for Arts and Culture
  71. Latest tweets widget
  72. Spam link found
  73. Header - Popular subjects
  74. Styling changes in feature slider when you scale your browser
  75. Serious problem in page formatting for archive pages.
  76. Sliders don't work on website
  77. Mouse over on menu does not open sub-menu (child menus)
  78. Additional Sidebar
  79. How does the gabfire related posts thumbnail work?
  80. Updating the theme Arts and Culture
  81. Sosyal (facebook) yorum türkçe - ingilizce sorunu
  82. TimThumbs images not shown in HomePage
  83. Video URL - Gabfire Custom Fields
  84. Trending topic pages
  85. Footer of site
  86. Category Captions
  87. Question about removing some things below the posts
  88. Question about translating 2 words in the arts & culture theme
  89. Removing postdate, author, tags on the tag pages
  90. Header of site
  91. Caption under featured image
  92. Is popular news and recent news categories
  93. Please helm me ;)
  94. Categories and parent pages
  95. Questions about customisations on site
  96. Internal Server Error
  97. Media Category Templates
  98. Switch to using pages instead of posts in all menus and sliders
  99. Changing Trending Topics
  100. Customizations on home page
  101. Sidebar
  102. PHP version
  103. Problem With Video (iFrame)
  104. Adding a picture
  105. Post title
  106. Youtube links NOT deleting
  107. How to use links in texts inside table?
  108. Media Gallery displays all posts
  109. home page right side of page question
  110. ARTS AND CULTURE-- images on the home page in HOME - RIGHT COL, 5TH CAT
  111. Problem with video autostart
  112. problems home page
  113. 'Image Align Center + Caption' doesn't work in Post Layout 'Full Width'
  114. Don't show the adsense
  115. From Arts&Culture to Stylebook
  116. widgets of art & culture
  117. Photo credit
  118. Looking for instruction manual for Arts & Culture theme,
  119. How to eleminate title on pages
  120. Problem with sliders in some galleries
  121. Blog title showing twice
  122. Disable footer menu
  123. Search function
  124. Photos not showing on the post page
  125. Unable to set bottom slider
  126. Layout & Display issues with the Arts & Culture theme.
  127. Can’t find ‘Gabfire Social Icons widget’ to add to footer of Arts and Culture
  128. Help editing the Media Gallery inside posts
  129. Is this related with advanced newspaper theme?
  130. Request for CSS code to remove all tag, post date, admin info, title metadata
  131. Images not showing and menu problems