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  3. Resolved: Video in right sidebar
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  11. Resolved: Theme settings page
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  18. Resolved: TopBar
  19. Resolved: Entry Counts not working
  20. Resolved: " Fatal error" messages on the site
  21. Resolved: Links in the footer
  22. Resolved: How Can I Add A Logo?
  23. Resolved: Images on Front Page
  24. Resolved: How to change Written on archive
  25. Resolved: News Pro Ads
  26. Resolved: Hotlinking category heads
  27. Resolved: Fluid Width
  28. Resolved: No Front Page Images
  29. Resolved: Replacing 4 Square Ads With YouTube Video
  30. Resolved: Drop Down Menu
  31. Resolved: "view all posts filed in.." - getting rid of that
  32. Resolved: Documentation?
  33. Resolved: Adding another column
  34. Resolved: 1x1 images
  35. resolved: Featured box and image
  36. Resolved: Feature box or any of the top tab boxes
  37. Resolved: Images not showing on the main page but are on the articles
  38. Resolved: Multiple tabs
  39. Resolved: Extra "blank" square on the right side bar
  40. Resolved: Catagory article displays
  41. NewsPro and Autoblog
  42. background images in IE
  43. Strange issue
  44. Resolved: News repeats
  45. Category Images
  46. Moving "middle column to left"
  47. Inserting an Iframe
  48. image for 125x125 ads
  49. Translation problem
  50. Sizing Issue For Section Below Featured
  51. Rotate Ads
  52. Tertiary pages appearing as secondary pages
  53. theme problems after migration
  54. Problems with mediathek
  55. indenting in messages
  56. Post Doing Weird Layout After Assigned to Category for Featured Tab
  57. Displaying Video
  58. Active Link
  59. Removing Recent Posts from 'Pages' Sidebar
  60. How to change bullet & numbering style ?
  61. No images frontpage - using autoblog and WP-O-Matic
  62. Image above "normal" header
  63. Remove 125x125 ads?
  64. Wider ad spot
  65. How to remove "search" bar?
  66. how do you upload photos to be displayed under the featured tab?
  67. You don't have permission to access /wp-admin/media-upload.php
  68. Images not showing on single posts
  69. Removing the inner Column on 'pages' (not posts)
  70. my left and right borders are breaking
  71. Request: Widget area map
  72. Newspro and Google Ad sense
  73. Remove Recent Posts, Popular Posts and Tags in Sidebar?
  74. Submenu Drop down PRoblem IE6
  75. Need to disable video player in gallery but keep thumbnail
  76. Duplicate Video Gallery
  77. Script Conflicts?
  78. Feedburner Email subscription does not work
  79. Related Post plugin
  80. Where to place favicon?
  81. i'll get there somewhere
  82. New Version
  83. Can I a display a .wmv video on my sidebar?
  84. Widgetising a '"Page" Page'
  85. Flickr at Footer
  86. Plugins making all tabs visible in Safari 4 (Mac)
  87. Image on Homepage not changed after deleted in post
  88. IE 6 and 7 problems
  89. Slow in IE
  90. how do I change the bullets?
  91. How to format align left for "leftcolumn"
  92. Problem with tabs in Safari and Chrome
  93. How to change Font of post ?
  94. Embedded HTML for link to external web page " for this theme
  95. conflict feaTabs in my site !
  96. Image in feaTabs not equal ?
  97. How to ?
  98. Viva Zoom and Users
  99. Error with curent.php file
  100. Wp-Polls problem in Safari 4, Camino and Opera
  101. Popular Post " None Found " ?
  102. How to setup 125px Ads an more...
  103. flickrRSS Settings
  104. script in post
  105. Red Xs in IE but not Firefox
  106. Links
  107. Footer on News.ICTExpress.com ?
  108. Hyperlink color/style
  109. How to modify Header height and add image?
  110. Oh ! Popular Posts !
  111. Adsense appears and then disappears in IE
  112. No middle content on Home link.
  113. My category tab is missing
  114. Pictures in Bottom Right Section
  115. Want to replace the featured tabs
  116. Display the most recent entries submitted under all categories on featured area
  117. Latest News On Left & Inner Page Middle Column
  118. uploading images to media libery
  119. Slide show on home page (possible or not?)
  120. Video icons
  121. I noticed that my site was much narrower than the example site
  122. I noticed that the top header did not come with the theme
  123. Creating thumbs on category page
  124. Photo sticking center left column
  125. various text from category to category
  126. about & home pages
  127. display posts in featured tabs
  128. how to add a custom header?
  129. Top navigation bar
  130. photo Gallery
  131. other languages
  132. Images not appearing on NewsPro
  133. Any Word on The Author Upgrades
  134. Any ideas for a single center catagory column
  135. inner page post size
  136. I have a problem with my comments
  137. Having problem with comments
  138. Footer logged in - logged off
  139. Photo Gallery Set up in NewsPro?
  140. Left hand column - articles issue
  141. Column color question
  142. Featured Tabs
  143. Google ads in the 125px box?
  144. How change # of posts in Photo Gallery
  145. Question - possibly my error
  146. sticky posts
  147. No images showing on frontpage
  148. site Central column
  149. Not able to see index page
  150. Tag.php
  151. Site Back ground question
  152. Static Pages into Featured Tab Area
  153. Changing color of Tab Category fields
  154. Changing color of Links
  155. Home Page post box
  156. Navegation Bar Drop Down Menue
  157. Add top bar from Adv NP (drop menu & search) to NewsPro
  158. Relocate widget beside header logo
  159. Top navigation bar
  160. Featured tab doest show the right category
  161. 2 or 3 latest posts in featured tabs
  162. Message "hacked by..." at footer.php
  163. New question about authors pages
  164. Change font to sans serif
  165. Change image size in Featured tab 1
  166. Category child, grandchild ?
  167. Combine CSS and JS
  168. Drop Down Menu
  169. Flickr does not Work
  170. Viva zoom not working properly
  171. ad by category id or page id
  172. Numbering comment pages
  173. Plugin implementation?
  174. Google Analytics
  175. Next Update
  176. "REPLY" button location
  177. Breaks inside the article
  178. Ad two columns
  179. NewsPro Changelog
  180. Innerpage slider - New NewsPro Theme
  181. Theme suddenly "restarted" ?
  182. Footer stripe color
  183. Front page vertical bar title
  184. Featured box & plugins erros
  185. How to Remove Left Pane In Feature Carousel?
  186. Image Problem
  187. Some issues: Featured tabs - links, category order...
  188. Paragraph Break Missing
  189. Add Links to Carousel Picker?
  190. Left align post excerpts
  191. Third-Column on Single-Post Page?
  192. How to Add Author Pic if Gravatar Not Available
  193. Change Viva zoom generated thumbnails
  194. Cannot upload software to wp
  195. Plugin
  196. Where is the </body> tag in this theme?
  197. Help with menu needed
  198. Serious problem: Wordpress hung when activated NewsPro 2-7
  199. How to create pagination in NewsPro
  200. Pictures Too Big - Teaser Too Small
  201. Images not showing up
  202. Using API with Gabfire Themes
  203. navigation bar
  204. Newsticker
  205. Post excerpts in featured slider
  206. Embedding API
  207. Post title in comments not showing in Greek
  208. In a word - WOW
  209. Move Excerpt in Slider to Bottom of Image?
  210. Categories not displaying on main menu
  211. Adding another Tab to the Ajax box
  212. News Side Bar on News Pro
  213. Script error
  214. Image/Thumbnail size in NewsPro
  215. Different background colours in posts
  216. Footer Widgets Floating Left
  217. Videos in the Media News Bar
  218. Manage Ads
  219. Problem with explorers
  220. Ads in slider bar instead of articles
  221. How do you change Tag Cloud size in Media bar?
  222. Upgraded to Wordpress 3, site disappears in Safari
  223. Modifying featured section article link
  224. Question about layout
  225. Change size of ad in header
  226. Site is loading slow after install
  227. Articles in Featured slider should not appear elsewhere
  228. Search Archive - Search By Category
  229. Adding tabs
  230. Slideshow
  231. Feedburner for NewsPro Comments
  232. Display videos as in the demo theme
  233. flicker image real at footer
  234. Newspro-slider
  235. How to make visible?
  236. Some Questions about NewsPro
  237. Manual OR Automatic insert of Image Gallery in the posts
  238. Theme "stopped working" (v 2.63)?
  239. Google Translate
  240. post and opinions
  241. newspro turn in games blog
  242. remove title in code
  243. Smile images are bordered
  244. background
  245. rss feed
  246. Translation to Portuguese
  247. Size of the logo in pixels
  248. Problem with Auto Sliders
  249. Sidebar comments
  250. Remove rss in header