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  1. Can't find a download link.
  2. Widget map
  3. FYI Upload if post/logo/post
  4. Which lightbox recommended for "Advertise here"
  5. How to remove the excerpt from featured slider?
  6. Custom colors??
  7. City Guide Codex??
  8. Contributors gravatar feed
  9. Last box doesnt display thumb
  10. Mid Column and Below columnist - no thumbs
  11. In the post default
  12. Is there a way I can disable the iframe videos from appearing on the homepage?
  13. CSS for Sidebar Widget (fonts too large etc)
  14. main slider stopped functioning
  15. Many Questions - Pictures and Navbar
  16. Some initial questions
  17. How to move the Post Title from the right of featured slider
  18. Complete manual please
  19. How to make post sidebar wider?
  20. Mega Dropdown
  21. Request for a changelog
  22. Help in translation
  23. Social Networking In the Home Page
  24. Author Badge widget
  25. Twitter Box, no link to article included in Tweet
  26. Stretch Menu and footer like the back bar in the gabfire site
  27. Strange symbols on Primary Bottom Mid Column - Secondary Slider
  28. Image/menu problem
  29. Secondary Slider Issues
  30. Author-Sidebar to all authors' archives
  31. Regarding Twitter and FB buttons
  32. Navigation
  33. post summary
  34. Quotes not working
  35. Translation to Spanish
  36. Footer bleeds out of the wrapper on fresh install
  37. Increase the Mega Drop Downs
  38. How can I remove the excerpt on the secondary slider
  39. Post slider
  40. Post meta etc remove
  41. Headline Font
  42. Main Slider Image Size
  43. Website search results problem
  44. Background color not changing
  45. Columnist section does not appear to work
  46. How to disable the comments from the post meta?
  47. Is this the newest theme released?
  48. Deleting added by and Saved Under Info
  49. WP Admin Menu not appear on pages
  50. Only FB or Twitter in Author Badge
  51. How to use the table example in the demo
  52. IE only error
  53. Change Advertise
  54. Theme options not visible
  55. Video links on Facebook getting error
  56. How to Change Image Size on PRIMARY BOTTOM RIGHT COLUMN
  57. Lovely Theme Gabfire!
  58. Timthumb and Parralelization
  59. Can you help me telling haw can I translate to Greek.
  60. Main slider modification & Theme update Notificatin
  61. Pagination problem on first page & deleting reference to "comments off"
  62. Archives Page Photo's
  63. Inserting ads between Big Picture Images?
  64. Wierd banner ad problem
  65. TimThumb big problems
  66. What is Big Picture Share Widget
  67. Right Column more Ad space
  68. Disabling slider when video is playing
  69. Custom CSS for custom color option
  70. Installation - Getting started - Lost !
  71. functions
  72. How to get gab-gallery pictures to show in lightbox
  73. Increase number of thumbnails under big featured slider
  74. Migrate from Linepress
  75. How can I disable a page from appearing in every menu and mega dropdown
  76. Main Images on post. Simple and Slider. Big picture post.
  77. Text in main slider and header post
  78. 728x90 Ad Code Banner Top Page
  79. Change size and location of homepage thumbnails
  80. add text preview box for videos in main slider
  81. Displaying sub categories in the Magazine Style Category Page
  82. Custom background
  83. Help setting up Media Gallery
  84. Advertise
  85. Options reset automatically
  86. Step by step upgrade or relocation of staff from advanced newspaper to City Desk
  87. Timthumb question
  88. Problems with Gabfire Widget: Share Items
  89. Alternative to using Gravatar images for Columnists
  90. Widget (AD) top right front page + slider question
  91. Ajax tabs widget issue
  92. Double Navigation issue
  93. Category Captions
  94. Video thumbnails distorted in Safari
  95. Featured Posts
  96. Edit Author Badge Widget Wording
  97. Adding space below Columnist section
  98. Author badge does not show website nor link to other author posts
  99. Author badge STILL does not show website link
  100. Removing Home Tab From Primary Nav Bar
  101. Create page "Archives"
  102. Share Social.
  103. Footer alignment off, don't know why?
  104. Problem displaying banners in Homepage
  105. Google Analytics Code shows in header not footer
  106. Temporarily disabling (remark out?) Twitter and Facebook Like Counters
  107. Login e Register (Page-Link) button
  108. How can I make the video flyout work?
  109. those files that were created in the \cache WHAT
  110. I did the upgrade to 0.3 and broke the slideshow located within the post
  111. If I want to buy the same again theme for what else domain procedure follows?
  112. Facebook Comment.
  113. Images depth problem
  114. Just about finished with my lovely site - should I upgrade theme version?
  115. Download Theme Options
  116. theme options stopped functioning
  117. Large images in the article.
  118. Is this possible? - I need help.
  119. Remove post meta
  120. how can i changhe city desk theme title and all post description to align right?
  121. Translation of Registration/Login Welcome Page
  122. problem SECONDARY SLIDER?
  123. Insert own category titles on frontpage headings
  124. 0.3 screws up innerpage slider
  125. Problem with "little" homepage Slider
  126. active my citydesk theme?
  127. Can I get "advertise" pop-up box to work with regular ads?
  128. Autor Box Widget and gallery info
  129. Two questions: Subcategories and Custom Picture Background
  130. How to add post views in post meta
  131. Big Picture Tag does not cancel post slider's and show in full width
  132. Columnist Slider Issue
  133. Featured 1
  134. there is an announcement for 0.4?
  135. Teaser Boxes
  136. Modify Text based Logo?
  137. Big Slider Picture Size?
  138. Wow
  139. BuddyPress modding
  140. Using an image as border?
  141. TimThumb and AutoBlogged: please help
  142. From where to set up post template
  143. Heed Help With Permalinks
  144. Custom CSS code for adding a little space between sections and widgets on front page
  145. removal, Show number comment
  146. city-desk/inc/js/general.js not found
  147. Still having problems with pop-up box
  148. Pasting a You Tube video into a Pop-up box
  149. Thumbnails deciding to show up with some posts on the HOME while not on others posts?
  150. images Lightbox
  151. Font Text Article
  152. Facebook like/share button on post displaying wrong image
  153. Forcing feed to show more than the last 10 items
  154. Change Background - Make Header and Header News transparent
  155. megamenu problem and 2 archive templates bugs
  156. Need a little bit customization.... Two Breaking News?
  157. Easy way to Use Google Fonts?
  158. Change text color of footer links and view-more links
  159. Mega Dropdown Cats Not Visible in Internet Explorer
  160. Image Quality
  161. How to Remove Powered by WordPress - Designed by Gabfire Themes
  162. Mega Dropdown Nightmare
  163. Recaptcha
  164. How to use Columnists slider for a category posts...
  165. Question Regarding Autoblogged
  166. Featured
  167. Media
  168. Small slider on left issue
  169. Is it possible to link the home slider to a page instead of a post?
  170. SSL Login
  171. Advertise popup size
  172. number ID of categories
  173. duplicated images in post
  174. Announcement board
  175. Featured. Slider
  176. Center Slider Thumbnails
  177. Widgeted area showing up on top
  178. Primary Bottom Left Column Doesn't show more than 8 entries
  179. Double Navigation Issue Resolved
  180. My Columnist slider is not rotating...
  181. Add more articles below columnist slider category area
  182. Duplicate pages in menu top header
  183. Separating post from sidebar
  184. Category colors
  185. Anyone know how to fix this?
  186. Media Gallery: Category Template vs Page Template?
  187. City Desk French translation
  188. Tag Structure for Big Picture
  189. Primary Bottom Mid Column - Secondary Slider View All Button Not Functioning
  190. Inner Page Slider
  191. Horizontal Rule At End Of Each Article
  192. Comments Box Size
  193. Exploding thumbnails / automatic thumbnail resizer
  194. Duplicating the Secondary Slider
  195. Subnews 8 sections not showing widgets
  196. No thumbnail for first post in Mid Column
  197. Arrows on photo pages not working
  198. How to set sidebar on search results and tag page?
  199. H1 tag
  200. Keep posts from showing on either side of Logo
  201. Big Picture
  202. Excerpt Length, Enable/Disable
  203. Caption width on large slider
  204. Can I please get help on this?
  205. CSS Map or Guide
  206. Ajax Tabs Issue
  207. Improve load speed
  208. Main Page Column w/ Widgets
  209. Advice on categories
  210. Use avatars in the CMS, not Gravatars
  211. Delete Saved Under..
  212. New Subnews
  213. Adding Padding in between each section Horizontal
  214. Getting rid of heading that is colored red
  215. Featured Slider Title is Black
  216. Search for tags to list on a page
  217. Custom Menu widget to Match MegaDropDown
  218. Automatically adding <!--nextpage--> after so many paragraphs
  219. File upload problems
  220. Delete Saved Under and Tags
  221. City Desk V0.4i?
  222. Need API Key
  223. Need Help With Excerpts
  224. Problem with Magazine style category template
  225. Change Red Text Color
  226. city desk
  227. converting widget into category space
  228. Changing dates into another language?
  229. video popout button
  230. What is the header size?
  231. Autoblogged
  232. How to Change Background Colour?
  233. How to Remove Footer Text
  234. Trouble Installing Update
  235. Author Archive Page
  236. Remove website field from Comments
  237. Next page info
  238. Breaking News.
  239. Post 3 column layout.
  240. How to get rid of image slider on posts
  241. Media Gallery Issues
  242. Add Organization name to the columnist slider
  243. Footer problem
  244. Post Font
  245. Remove post meta or breadcrumb from bottom of entries on archive or category page
  246. How to adjust the Large Slider Size
  247. Arabic CSS styles
  248. inner-page slider runs site-wide even when tag-based
  249. Primary navigation color
  250. Changing text color