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  3. You Might Want to Include Clearer Instructions for We, the Stupid
  4. Google SiteLinks
  5. Can I change the top background color/image to a custom color?
  6. Can I change the "Featured Title" font?
  7. Can I change the text in the "mid-bar"?
  8. Navigation Menu Styling
  9. Email-Subscription button in mid-bar
  10. Site title and tagline below navigation
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  13. Image error
  14. Media template page setup
  15. Child Theme Setup Available?
  16. Is it possible to disable slideshow on a specific page?
  17. space between Slideshow and featured section
  18. Embedding SWF possible
  19. Different sidebar contents in different categories
  20. Widgets locator and Widgets not showing up/ menu items
  21. In Media Template post - internet link instead of file upload?
  22. Media Template:
  23. Widgets not showing, or showing wrong
  24. Adding icons to gabfire text widgets
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  27. More tag not showing
  28. Featured Section - Personality
  29. No buttons or sliding on homepage slider...
  30. Media Galery
  31. Media Gallery category problems
  32. Theme options won't load corectly
  33. Subscribe to receive email bar on home page.
  34. Download sample xml file for Personality
  35. Comments off and Blog name hide - Personality 0.5
  36. Child Theme broke
  37. How do I regsister Theme
  38. Change clean energy and jobs video on first page Personality?
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  40. Add post it note to page.
  41. Shorten menu background bar
  42. Backgroung image for secondary pages
  43. Secondary Featured Block image
  44. Blank square at bottom of home page
  45. Personality HomePage Visual Guide
  46. Contribute button
  47. I changed to static home page and featured section not showing
  48. Personality Scondary featured block
  49. Twitter Bar # of tweets displayed
  50. API code?
  51. Translatte home
  52. Secondary feature image
  53. Centering text in box below nav menu
  54. Email question
  55. Change language for polish
  56. Canīt display slider
  57. I'm creating a page >> Template: Media but when I click it I see the Testimonials
  58. Widget problem with text
  59. How do you remove image tilt effect from images?
  60. How do you put the donate button in other places?
  61. Latest version of Personality
  62. Secondary Featured Block image and thumbnail images
  63. Problems with Secondary Feature Block (image & text), latest tweets in Primary 3 zone
  64. Featured Mid Slider is not working correctly
  65. Personality widget translation
  66. Front Page Layout
  67. Is smaller header possible
  68. PSD of the theme
  69. Socialize Widget
  70. Translating Menu
  71. Translation of areas on main page
  72. Integration with Events Calerndar Pro
  73. Removing "blog name"
  74. Menu Stopped working
  75. Cannot edit or add on Visual mode
  76. Strange Picture on chrome in between primary 1 and 2
  77. Multi langauge problem
  78. Length of Boxes in the Menu
  79. Logo not displaying
  80. On blog category page 2 thumbnails
  81. Where do I add the MailChimp RSS code to the website
  82. Homepage text decoration
  83. Space line in Bullet
  84. Images not showing when I try to insert one into post
  85. Featured Text not updating
  86. Are you guys on holiday???
  87. Problems translating the Home button - .po file is empty
  88. Update notification but there is no new version
  89. gab_gallery links not working
  90. Remove: Category: Comments : Date
  91. Header colour bar
  92. Twisting in Widget Primary 2 removal
  93. Cannot Change Menu
  94. Subscription box
  95. Background Image for Volunteer Widget
  96. Featured mid slider
  97. Query regarding Header Menu
  98. Customizing the homepage
  99. Extending writings on the homepage
  100. Is this responsive?
  101. Is there a way to have testimonials on home page rotate automatically?
  102. Remove Page name?
  103. Personality photo display problem
  104. change image
  105. Youtube video Issues
  106. Removing the Site Slogan Box Completely
  107. XML File