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  1. "Journey Support"
  2. Journey IE 9 Slider
  3. Idea about Journey Theme!
  4. NavBar text bumped out
  5. Inserting text into colored tabs in lower right category
  6. Custom background image
  7. Limited characters slideshow
  8. Links in Navigation right of Slideshow
  9. How to chnage tag cloud css
  10. Poorly displayed demo
  11. No custom fields in posts/pages?
  12. What it if post has no photo?
  13. Journey Slider Problems
  14. How can I change the order in the menu?
  15. How to Change Forecolor for Link on Journey
  16. Journey Documentation & Scheduled Event
  17. Need Technical Support to Fix Browser Compatiblity
  18. A few problems
  19. Subtitles?
  20. Can you Change Footer Category Template?
  21. Logo conflicting with top menu bar
  22. Cant'n see my pictures of post and thumbnail after edit site
  23. Video view changed after editing top menu
  24. SEO Content on Home Page
  25. Show one full post, then show excerpts in categories
  26. Number of posts / Articles on Homepage
  27. meta tags not displayed in source code
  28. How can I make my Journey theme even better?
  29. Can´t find css to change color lines between main menu items
  30. Theme customization
  31. A note about this Journey theme
  32. gabfire widget, ajax tabs customization
  33. thinking about buying
  34. How to add a new add spot in homepage-journey theme
  35. Tabbed Content Area
  36. Show category description above single post titles
  37. events
  38. Menu doesn't fit
  39. Photos are not seen
  40. Ajax Tabs not working
  41. Font size, number of posts displayed, customizing slider
  42. Remove categories from front page
  43. Resizing featured images on home page
  44. Customizing home page slider
  45. Footer Mid (review)
  46. Controlling Categories Under Slider
  47. Inner-page slider problems
  48. Thumbnail Placement
  49. Avatar
  50. Journey Hyperlink Hex Color #
  51. Error message in homepage slider
  52. Left Footer Slider problem
  53. Header Resizing
  54. resize text in primary menu
  55. Hide meta data (author, date)
  56. Remove Powered By Designed By
  57. Menus under line
  58. Counter of views
  59. More images in home page.
  60. Control panel localization
  61. Thumbnails and articles to right of homepage slider
  62. Removing character from home page
  63. Font color for category name
  64. Multiple columns in Journey
  65. How to create an image and video gallery
  66. NEW AD possition on header
  67. Text removal
  68. Shortcodes
  69. Removing search box from home page
  70. Journey's events listing in bottom right corner
  71. Customising Subnews Slider
  72. innerpage slider caption
  73. Removing "HOME SIDEBAR1" Text?
  74. How to change image size?
  75. Removing Categories from the main page?
  76. Can I get help with this issue?
  77. how they work the slides?
  78. Wordpress Update to 3.3
  79. Clone Primary Bottom - Left to Subnews 3x4&4x4
  80. Admin baffled... again!
  81. Home page sections broken
  82. Big Logo, need help
  83. Main slider, date not fully visible
  84. Big banner on header
  85. Problem with menu and search box
  86. Question concerning footer
  87. Can we get the sample content?
  88. Conflicts between disqus and main slider
  89. Redirect old website
  90. how to add pagination in comments section
  91. how to add next and back button on media gallery lightbox
  92. how to add pagination on post page
  93. How to add author photo
  94. Problem with auto wordpress update
  95. Tag based inner page slider not working properly
  96. Tag based slider does not work
  97. The comment thread only for 2 level
  98. Clone four categories
  99. Comment
  100. Copyright date
  101. Changing text color sitewide
  102. Search style 2 on Main menu
  103. Large logo
  104. ADS Managment
  105. actual image sizes
  106. image not showing
  107. Footer menů show all page
  108. Problem with swfObject Reloaded plug-in
  109. Featured box links
  110. widget sample problem
  111. Proble with date and media gallery
  112. Tab Widget
  113. Remove recent comment from widget tab
  114. Inner Slider with too many picture
  115. How to shrink the title post length?
  116. Authors page?
  117. Replacing Background Image
  118. Images are suddenly broken
  119. Trouble Replacing Images
  120. Change position of Added by ... Saved under... Tags:....
  121. Slider no longer works
  122. How to change the 'Read More' text and 'Comments' text on Catergory page?
  123. big category with 2 categories in it.
  124. Change in file directly
  125. Open FlickR in new window?
  126. Featured Slider-Major Problem
  127. Adding My Own Icons
  128. Facebook like
  129. Solving Issues - Post Images, Runoff Footer and Cutoff Images
  130. Where to insert API KEY
  131. Logo Overlaps nav menu
  132. original position of widgeit of Journey theme
  133. Adding description or caption to images in gallery
  134. Menu still split, i've tried everything.
  135. Adding more featured images
  136. Disabling Categories not functioning as expected...?
  137. Weird Main Page Slider Issues
  138. Featured box links broke my blog please help!
  139. Adding more to the Social Area
  140. Removing search box
  141. A few questions
  142. how to add Breadcrumbs on post page?
  143. How to remove author, date and categories from posts?
  144. Recent posts picture problem
  145. How to change comment text?
  146. Easiest way to add a forum?
  147. Increasing the number of videos on one page.
  148. Website Performance Issues
  149. Problem with plug in WP UI...
  150. Theme Download
  151. Problem with Gabfire Widget: Share Items
  152. Ordering events for calendar box on front page
  153. Weird slideshow goings-on
  154. Home page/slider issues
  155. Adjust text box in featured slider on home page
  156. AAAAHHHH!!!!! Slide show on posts!
  157. Please help me, website does not work with this theme
  158. Getting rid of "Events", making videos available...
  159. Continuing - Can't load videos/getting rid of "Events" module
  160. Conflict with a plugin
  161. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!
  162. All pictures display title of post instead of actual picture
  163. Unlinking headlines for front page main slider
  164. "Other" social networking sites?
  165. Changing [...] and/or "read more" link on Category pages
  166. Twitter widget
  167. Calendar piece on front page of Journey doesn't link to posts correctly
  168. Adsense and the Journey Theme
  169. Adding click-able links to featured post titles
  170. Updating themes
  171. Remove Footer & Subnews areas from homepage
  172. Comments Form Editing
  173. Website Width
  174. Change Body Font (Both Style & Size) & Link on Sidebar
  175. Format Screwed Up
  176. W3C compliance?
  177. Sorry to belabor this - Google +?
  178. Change Social Widget Icon on hover
  179. Embedding BlogTalk Radio
  180. Primary menu not working correctly
  181. Gallery of images in a post
  182. Remove lists of posts under SubNews on Homepage
  183. Remove Site Admin & Log Out Area in Header
  184. Search Display
  185. Including jquery
  186. Image Title Repeated
  187. jquery conflicts
  188. Page navigation for Journey theme
  189. Removing video from header
  190. Magazine style category template
  191. 404 error
  192. Conflict with clean-contact plugins?
  193. redownload journey theme
  194. Pixelated photos in Journey Theme
  195. Updates to Journey
  196. Is Journey no Longer Supported?
  197. Ordering events - Front Page
  198. Links next to Featured Slider doesn't work
  199. Removing Events from homepage and using the space for an ad
  200. Configuring the Reviews excerpt
  201. Need Help with Category Page Modifications
  202. not having pictures direct off page
  203. Strange Behavior #1 - Pages links appearing in footer
  204. Embedding audio code for a post
  205. Can't change background and the below post sidebar don't work
  206. Post Tab widget stopped working
  207. Insert AD in sides of web
  208. Translation
  209. vertical lines between videos, reviews, events
  210. Blog category help
  211. Pleeeeeeeease, make a better widget than are currently on WP!!!!!!!
  212. Put facebook like on main menu
  213. Menu Support
  214. Issue with Main Slider and Categories
  215. Adsense Problem
  216. Upgrade to Wordpress 3.3.2 from 3.3.1
  217. margin in between widgets
  218. ajax tabs top border
  219. Share an experience/Read an experience - what am I doing wrong?
  220. Remove HOME link default from primary menu
  221. Hard template customization
  222. access sidebar
  223. website appears in mobile mode
  224. Home Page Featured Slider not showing up.
  225. Gabfire widget: Ajax tabs not work
  226. how to add tabs on post?
  227. can we use journey theme with buddypress ?
  228. Main Page Mid Advertising Section
  229. Journey theme not working
  230. Need menu/ category to go straight to a page please
  231. wrong redirect
  232. add alt attribute to thumbnails
  233. display list and post of forum to homepage
  234. Page Titles
  235. rel=nofollow
  236. Title showing on left side of screen
  237. Sidebar issue
  238. Footer - options - left, right, no middle...
  239. website cut off in mobile mode
  240. add other tab section in homepage
  241. Ads not appearing.
  242. A Couple Problems With Theme on Exisitng Site
  243. How do I remove the 4 subnews?
  244. Live Help Button
  245. Video as featured image
  246. Journey Theme, RSS Feed, Pulling Featured Images, Wordpress
  247. Nested Menu
  248. What happened to my video slot?
  249. center main menu text
  250. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Website is down!