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  1. sites in different width
  2. upgraded from 3.3 to 3.10
  3. Post location and responsive website
  4. Demo import problems
  5. Magazine category layout
  6. Size of title of FEATURED SECTION
  7. how to change home category name
  8. how to get gabfire archive search widget
  9. how to make thumbnails at homepage small
  10. how to get wp cumulus widget
  11. how to decrease the height of logo area at the top
  12. How to have thumbnails just as they are in the original theme?
  13. How to take out "HOME" tab in the navmenu?
  14. Homepage and post page issues
  15. New Widget Area
  16. how to move the banner to the right
  17. Banner included in the wrapper
  18. how to change date, search box and recent news language
  19. Breaking News Category format
  20. info language below post previews
  21. How can I take out the box above category title "View all posts field under"?
  22. post did not show up in recent posts
  23. red label up on PRIMARY TOP RIGHT COLUMN
  24. Can Advanced Newspaper v310 be a two column layout?
  25. Time
  26. year on footer don't change
  27. number of categories in the column of Homepage Classic
  28. Footer navigation problem
  29. Homepage Slider
  30. Video Fields
  31. Remove "Author" and "Comments" but keep "Date"
  32. Is it possible to remove slider?
  33. How to put background color in website?
  34. Remove "No Comment" in posts
  35. Remove ellipsis in excerpts
  36. How to place an advertising just next to subnews? Like in the demo!
  37. Post page widget on the right
  38. Widgets stopped working
  39. Duplicated post in frontpage
  40. Menu on mobile device and slider problem
  41. Content, categories not imported
  42. Share Thumbnail for Facebook
  43. Secondary Bottom Right Column
  44. Change Link Color
  45. Adding Ads on the right and the left side to replace background
  46. how to make one page not visible from top menu
  47. Newbie help with menus
  48. Firefox Theme Issue
  49. How to update from 3.9 to 3.10.
  50. The theme creates Multiple copies of the same image
  51. Before Head ad 728x90, can we make it wider
  52. Search not working
  53. a new line in post pages is possible?
  54. put category title over tabbed content
  55. Is it possible to remove <P> tags?
  56. Changing the engines with the plane flying. Slow admin area and missed theme options.
  57. Display multiple categories using homepage classic
  58. Home page slider
  59. Image upload Http error
  60. CSS to remove "By 'author name' on "
  61. Subtitles
  62. Advanced Newpaper translation language
  64. Archive/Category page number of posts
  65. Custom Menu
  66. search box and search results
  67. Dates reappear
  68. Increasing the # of Posts per Page inside gabfire_archivepagination()
  69. AMP for mobile
  70. Google fonts problem in chrome
  71. Cincopa Videos
  72. Error Newspaper advance with ecommerce
  73. Missing images on home page an in archive list
  74. Sub news appears outside containing box + rotated images
  75. in signle post not show slider,big picture,3column,ecc...
  76. Menus & Homepage Classic
  77. Show images on the server in the theme
  78. External Hyperlink Colour
  79. Single post text customization
  80. Navigation
  81. Related posts before comments
  82. Advanced Newspaper theme and responsive bug
  83. Removing synopsis from homepage feature image
  84. Tabbed content not working
  85. Attribution on home page
  86. Removing pics from archive/author pages
  87. Removing attribution/credit
  88. Homepage not updating
  89. Free Scrol To Top Button and Posts Tab Widget
  90. how not so show a page in menu
  91. Social buttons in Advanced Newspaper
  92. How do you get a category added to the HomePage layout dropdown?
  93. Getty Images
  94. Facebook likes not appearing
  95. Mobile View Difficult to Use
  96. Tabbed Content #1
  97. Home in menu not using wordpress language
  98. Advanced Newspaper Advice on Posts with Videos
  99. Homepage Video slider
  100. Removing attribution on magazine pages
  101. virus in theme file?
  102. Google Ads and Advanced Newspaper 4.0 Theme
  103. Widget Images and shortcode not displaying on mobile view
  104. Missing Gallery Options
  105. Lost javascript abilities
  106. which plugin you recommend it ?
  107. Menu on mobile devices
  108. Google Ad Policy Violation and Advanced Newspaper Theme
  109. how to make one page invisible
  110. tighten empty space
  111. My Calendar plugin not working properly
  112. Video's in homepage featured image
  113. Google analytics, image size,... errors...
  114. Printer Button Conflict with the Social Sharing buttons
  115. change menu mobile background
  116. adding flickr slideshow
  117. Do not duplicate front page posts
  118. Want to add more then 5 TABBED CONTENTs
  119. Problems After Upgrading to WP 4.5
  120. Delete archive on breadcrumbs
  121. SECONDARY TOP MID COLUMN- Only post is showing from the category
  122. My blog posts are not looking compact for mobile and tablet
  123. Frontpage: Preview-Pics are shown in different size
  124. mobile version don't work well
  125. new dividing lines on the home page
  126. how to change banner
  127. primary mid top widget
  128. Featured images are broken links
  129. WP Gallery - No captions
  130. Inner Page Slider Questions
  131. How to display homepage post in full content?
  132. Homepage Advanced Demo Content
  133. Display Feature Image above Upcoming Events
  134. Where to install ZIP files for installation?
  135. Trying to change Background color but nothing happens
  136. Mobile Device
  137. Translation to Norwegian
  138. Ads in site, mobile and other
  139. How to get rid of the meta info when sharing to Facebook
  140. How to insert google adsense in attachments Images
  141. How to show just the title on the slider?
  142. How to insert Twitter feed at PRIMARYRIGHT with proportionate length with PRIMARYMID2
  143. After sharing to Facebook
  144. Text not appearing beside image
  145. How to remove the by author on the front page?
  146. how to show full post in home page
  147. how to make sidebar fixed like in demo?
  148. how to make same colour in all category
  149. functions.php error with Wordpress 4.6?
  150. Worpress version 4.6
  151. Wordpress 4.6 - lost download capabilities in woocommerce module
  152. version 4.1 of Adv. Newspaper post title
  153. how to use local date and time on this themes
  154. Posts are not showing anymore
  155. TAB is not working on Homepage
  156. Default Image for subnews section
  157. Home Page/Article Pages Not Appearing Correctly
  158. Wanna add another SECONDARY TOP LEFT [BREAKING NEWS] in Right Ad section Also
  159. Blockquote CSS
  160. Turning off email and website fields in comment module
  161. Http error 500
  162. Highlighting the Editor's comment like Admin's
  163. Can't load demo content
  164. how to include a page
  165. Adding new icons in header
  166. upcoming events not displayed
  167. Advanced Newspaper theme link goes to Wrong Page
  168. Are Advanced Newspaper comments Search Friendly?
  169. Need some modification in the theme
  170. Any Responsive Plugin for Adsense?
  171. Remove Postmeta and Post views
  172. I purchased ADVANCEED NEWSPAPER FROM Gabfire twice. This time I can not customize:(
  173. Secondary Navigation Navigation Background Color
  174. Font Awesome not working, icons showing as squares
  175. Access denied
  176. Single post title issue
  177. Plug in error
  178. Custom Author (gabfire_meta)
  179. Compatible with Really simple SSL plugin?
  180. Adding symbol of "English" version of blog
  181. Adding More Sub News section
  182. No Widget page
  183. Change font size | add scroll rss
  184. Help Me, how to small size image feature
  185. Issues migrating to version 4.2 from 3.1
  186. menu at installing
  187. Images sizes all over the place
  188. How to translate "by" and "on to spanish " por" and "en"
  189. Theme Demo versus real theme
  190. category on posts
  191. Reduce font in subnews
  192. Video
  193. Facebook
  194. Kindly respond asap
  195. breaking news not working
  196. Issue with Safari
  197. Unable to import demo content, 2MB import limit in WP
  198. Widgets for Advanced Newspaper don't load
  199. Adding a custom field
  200. Some changes i want in my new theme
  201. How to display Latest Featured Posts for selected category only?
  202. ShortCode Not Working In widget
  203. slider showing only 5 thumbnails in top row
  204. I got a problem!!!
  205. Ana sayfa thumbnail küçültme problemi
  206. Homepage Slider and Tabs are not working
  207. Two-column widget?
  208. Selecting Post Categories For Homepage Classic Columns
  209. How to set number of featured items per line? In rotator?
  210. Undoing cms script
  211. Background color for primary right column?
  212. multiple authors to a single post
  213. Modifying text on top page
  214. Google Adsense Code Insertion - Newbie Question
  215. Menu in mobile theme
  216. Tag list
  217. Metadata on front
  218. Double Featured Image
  219. Top page Featured image shows up on article page as well (though I don't want it)
  220. Featured Slider Not Working!
  221. header error message when not typing www
  222. want to change a category name, but what happens to old posts links?
  223. how to assign all posts in one category to another
  224. How to add or remove social media icons
  225. Error with functions.php
  226. Page Not Found
  227. Google or facebook embedded elements cropped
  228. not installing poorly - homepage and menu affected
  229. I want bigger size photos on posts
  230. Breadcrumb of Advanced Newspaper ?
  231. Responsive Header Not Working
  232. No. of posts on Homepage on Blog layout
  233. Slider and TabContent Error SSL https
  234. Big Slider (Problem in post) - Repeat image (Featured Image)
  235. Change log of updated theme, please?
  236. Advertising between slider post
  237. Featured image and logo appearing in post even though they shouldn't
  238. Ads cut in half on smartphones
  239. Blank values in Functions.php
  240. adding support for Co-Authors Plus
  241. Custom styling field issue
  242. Make a post sticky within category on homepage
  243. Innerpage
  244. Gabfire Video Fields not working
  245. Want to cancel author and date on all single post
  246. Demo Contents: upload_max_filesize in php.ini exceded
  247. Posts with excerpts overwrite character limits?
  248. sidebar displays on category pages but not on posts?
  249. Remove WP author meta from sidebar (Latest & Popular Posts)
  250. Using Random Posts Widget