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  1. Advance Newspaper Homepage Classic problems
  2. Widgetized Page broken, all of a sudden...
  3. Edit Button missing
  4. Resolucion de pantalla 800 x 600
  5. How to remove tags from bottom of single posts?
  6. Banner ads being cutoff on front page with Desktop browsers
  7. Featured image handling and thumbnail sizing
  8. quote & logo header style doesn't display properly on mobile device
  9. trouble importing demo content
  10. Page Speed Advanced Newspaper
  11. Trouble Adding Sidebar custome wideget in Category page and Post page.
  12. excluded page shows up in menu at bottom
  13. Ad positional on Classic Home
  14. Can not download the theme from my membership page
  15. how delete post meta from home in 'classic' home
  16. The website can not display the post when using Home page
  17. Can't Update Theme Options in Advanced Newspapper
  18. Move Share, Print, Email buttons to bottom of posts
  19. How to remove "home" from main page in menu?
  20. What to do ... move image ' Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama' To the top position ?
  21. increasing amounts words under title and thumb
  22. How to add text categories and URL at mid-slider
  23. thumbs not showing and text crossed out?
  24. Problem Importing Gabfire Widget Pack into ANP
  25. Increasing Number Of Tabbed Content Tabs on front page?
  26. Extra blank line under picture captions
  27. Anyone else having this problem when sharing to FB in the Advanced Newspaper theme?
  28. How do .. separate menu to the two columns.?
  29. Advanced Newspaper with Wishlist Member
  30. Some positions Not supported plugin name : WP Hide Post
  31. Calendar
  32. How to get old Wp Newspaper blockquote CSS?
  33. Advanced Newspaper is responsive or not?
  34. Page without sidebar in Advanced News Paper
  35. skin adv with new advanced newspaper
  36. How do add New-Widget-Zone two column
  37. Images sizes show up in different sizes on frontpage
  38. Javascript file not found
  39. 728 ad with logo and banner
  40. Remove tags from single posts
  41. Google Analytics...
  42. Force Resize Thumbnails on Homepage
  43. <?php echo get_the_author(); ?> doesn't show author name
  44. Thumbnail
  45. Delete data below the post
  46. How to Hide Comment and Alignleft featured image.
  47. Post Entrance
  48. cookies new law
  49. How remove a menu "Secondary Navigation"
  50. Advanced Newspaper Update
  51. google browser issue
  52. I cant see Theme option's menu
  53. Customizing primary top right column
  54. "View all posts by"
  55. Problem about featured slider
  56. Two questions
  57. Theme Changelog
  58. Problems with woocommerce categories
  59. Featured img not resize
  60. Display issues... and please provide a desktop view option!!
  61. DESKTOP VIEW ERROR with 1024 x 768
  62. Installing the plugin Breadcrumb Navxt
  63. I want to remove the red dot header
  64. Removing the space that lies between the start site and the header?
  65. Problema con featured post en portada
  66. Translation into Portuguese - Brazil
  67. Hello i found and error
  68. Message shouldn't be visible
  69. youtube video wider
  70. Remove secondary menu (stupid question I know)
  71. Disable Responsive function
  72. Widgets
  73. mobile layout
  74. How to remove "undefined" error with my URL?
  75. How to remove By Author
  76. Add ads after title, middle of post or before the end of post
  77. Set 3 column post layout as default post page layout
  78. Moving Header ad from center to far right.
  79. Advanced Newspaper- Is this version 3.9?
  80. Main Menu Items Coming Up As Bad Pages.
  81. Add banner at position primary-mid on Mobile Version but banner disappear
  82. RSS error
  83. Two
  84. Menü sorunu
  85. Additional Widget Locations
  86. Theme customization css not working
  87. Post tabs widget conflict
  88. Social Media Icons remove
  89. Slider doesn't rotate images
  90. Disabling By Line
  91. Moving from old Advanced Newspaper to the new Advanced Newspaper
  92. Call to undefined function gab_dynamic_sidebar()
  93. How to Remove the Print and Email options on the posts ?
  94. Author Page
  95. Sidebar Content Not Showing in Default Post Template
  96. How to limit the words in the Post Excerpt in Home Page
  97. How to hide authors info from Post Meta Items
  98. recommend top post plugin pls
  99. how to update theme
  100. gabfire_media & media_width
  101. problems with new updated theme
  102. Site does not support widget - Advanced Newspaper
  103. pagespeed, new theme has slower download
  104. Google aramaları Sorunu
  105. Too many images
  106. More subnews sections + authors page
  107. some thumb in Primary Top Left [Breaking News], how do you see
  108. Is there a way to add thumbnail images to drop down menus?
  109. gabfire random post does not show thumbnails
  110. feautured slider , hide exerpt
  111. No Social Icons
  112. video
  113. woocommerce issue
  114. Breaking news, smaller font size
  115. How do I add new template for Pages?
  116. Missing Styling for Theme Options
  117. Home icon instead of text
  118. text color in slider
  119. Secondary Top Mid Column
  120. col-sm, col-lg... formats
  121. Posts in Category
  122. open graph tags, dynamically create
  123. Upgrade Advanced Newspaper from 1.4.2
  124. tabbed bar
  125. Photo Size
  126. Youtube plugin update malfunction
  127. Magazine Style
  128. Can you teach me a trick please?
  129. Category Layout
  130. Photos on Featured...
  131. widget in primary right
  132. Removing gravatar/author info under post
  133. how to install new version
  134. error message when logging in with wrong username or password
  135. Small images should be 100%
  136. Tabbed Content Overlaps Secondary Bottom Left Column
  137. are there any child themes
  138. latest adv news teheme
  139. Print problem
  140. how to insert google analytics code
  141. Cart Menu
  142. Videos from older version of theme
  143. how do i remove by admin but still keep the date
  144. Cookies are blocked
  145. Facebook, Twitter share buttons not showing accurate totals
  146. remove space outside of container
  147. How to add the author's bio
  148. Featured format
  149. Images on the homepge are not showing as small thumbnail
  150. Show many categories on a page
  151. how to remove author info from theme
  152. Help - I Can No Longer Edit My Primary Menu
  153. Site posessed by a demon - broken video links show iframe of site
  154. Whatsapp botton
  155. Upgrade advice and PHP version
  156. Typography and color
  157. I hope you can help. seeing these on the site �
  158. Post featured image
  159. Show the Breaking News (advance version) like the Editor's Pick (classic version)
  160. horizontal secondary navigation/ sub-menu
  161. Tabbed content thumbnails
  162. Questions after upgrading from 2.8 to v3.7
  163. Cannot find where to put my google analystics code
  164. Display the posts of one category in a Page that has custom sidebar
  165. Problem with Featured Slider
  166. how to show only parent categories on Homepage
  167. space in sidebar
  168. How to add a space between menu and content
  169. show post entrance on homepage
  170. Add extra tabbed sections to mid slider
  171. media gallery only for videos
  172. Rich Snippets
  173. photos still appears individually at the bottom of the story
  174. duplicate posts
  175. 2 columns page ( Show the last story on the left side )
  176. Icons Over Featured post big Thumbnail
  177. How to change the value of SecondaryBottom-Right
  178. mobile version
  179. Help with ugrading to version 3.9
  180. Featured Slider
  181. rel="prev" and rel="next"
  182. Change the color of the arrow in the Masthead Navigation
  183. Small Slider Post Template not working
  184. Changing the title color in the slider
  185. Different header depending if logged in or not
  186. Display the recent post in order in the Posts tabs widget
  187. stop slider from advancing when VDO playing
  188. Post Entrance not showing on post page
  189. Featured Post in side bar no working correctly
  190. number of images in media gallery page & how to center the image.
  191. Sticky posts on featured slider
  192. How to remove tags post bottom
  193. How to display category name after date on posts
  194. Sharing icons
  195. remove the secondary bottom right column and show the homepage bottom 468px widget
  196. notes under posts (... added by Gabfire on Jan 20, 2014 View all posts by Gabfire)
  197. show only excerpt under image in a category page
  198. theme not working properly
  199. How to crete a child theme to customize you theme
  200. Disable Featured Image on this post?
  201. version 2.1.6
  202. Articles (Post) Print
  203. Difficulty upgrading from 3.9 to 3.10
  204. Story preview shows too much
  205. how to install google analytics code
  206. Code on tag pages, but not on archives
  207. Trouble posting videos in Advanced Newspaper
  208. social-sharethis-post
  209. Footer and lower slideshow from tabs overlap
  210. Advanced Newspaper Full Width Inner page?
  211. Category headlines background-colorbox
  212. Media and full page templates are not listed in drop-down
  213. inner page slider auto rotation not working
  214. remove line of author-date-comments
  215. Posts stop loading after too many comments?
  216. Post template with no sidebars and full width for post content and comments
  217. Add or move widget space on homepage?
  218. Homepage Images
  219. copy right info end of article
  220. 3 colums layout homepage
  221. Problem uploading gif images
  222. Simple Homepage Issues
  223. removing date, author and all metadata from post
  224. Seconday Right top problem
  225. HomepageClassic: how can I insert widgets?
  226. Some categories don't work
  227. How to publish YouTube videos in a way that is convenient for readers?
  228. Changing date language and format, and adding social icon
  229. New tab on simple banner gabfire widget click
  230. Share button twitter
  231. audio post don't work
  232. How to change the colour of the background of subnews
  233. Changing main navigation background image
  234. social buttons in post
  235. How to display category name after date on posts and homepage...
  236. Embedded Facebook video doesn't work
  237. Resize and align second mid featured image
  238. Classic Homepage Changes
  239. Change Font Color For Post Summary In Feature Slider
  240. How to remove subnews images
  241. Cannot Get Rid of Categories in Navigation after upgrade
  242. Drop-down menu limits me to 15 stories ... how can I change this?
  243. Error in buy
  244. Show excerpts for protected posts
  245. Secondary Bottom Left Column Posts Do Not Display
  246. Tabbed content
  247. I have been using another theme and need a hand
  248. Archive widget
  249. Set Latest News in Main Widget (And a Little Misc Setting)
  250. just a heads up sharp or advanced?