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  1. Video in feature image box on home page
  2. disqus error on slider top news
  3. Advanced Newspaper - RTL ?
  4. How to setup a new multimedia gallery
  5. How to change widget or category title background color ?
  6. Remove Gabfire Themes from Admin Bar
  7. Upgrading from 1.4.3 to 2.1.6
  8. Space between header and top of page :/
  9. Change post title color
  10. Adding a moving news bar
  11. Image logo does not show up in IE
  12. How to add 728x90 Ad on header ?
  13. Alternating Layouts between pages
  14. Download Gabfire Theme
  15. Add border color on secondary left
  16. Less space between header and quotes
  17. Remove the widening of the main navigation text
  18. Remove border lines in main navigation menu
  19. about a new hosting
  20. Remove Links - Remove Codes After the Comment
  21. Footer Question
  22. Download link theme
  23. z-index css problem
  24. insert another banner ad at the top right
  25. want to make a word different color
  26. Share widget, facebook button doesn't work
  27. Fill Header and Footer
  28. Can't find my download link?
  29. Change Innerpage-sidebar size
  30. Posting a video
  31. Advanced Newspaper): I have purchased these theme But Lost the file to install
  32. Advanced_Newspaper 1.4 , margin-top
  33. Logo image not sharp
  34. Recommendations and help with social widget
  35. Innerpage sidebar
  36. fixed-size blocks
  37. tema hack ve iade isteği!!!
  38. Some issues with UL and LI codes
  39. Something error on category index view
  40. Is there possible have different font color on title and article ?
  41. Advanced Newspaper weird area at bottom
  42. fontface error in Chrome nd IE
  44. SUDDENLY in firefox (thats unbelievable)
  45. Removing 'Leave a Reply'
  46. How to add line or border below the post title ?
  47. Change font color in the content (single post)
  48. Remove some space in header
  49. About Widget
  50. Show Date and Category & Featured Slider
  51. How to show number of post view and time on the mainpage next to date
  52. Changing the header font
  53. Post in home
  54. Big problem with Catagory filter in home page
  55. Add span to the widget ?
  56. another Pinterest Gallery Plugin Question - Sorry !!
  57. Advanced Newspaper: Putting widget code on home page
  58. Chaning Navigation Font and Size
  59. Shortcodes in Advanced Newspaper
  60. Media Gallery: photos on single page
  61. Title for the 'tabbed content' area
  62. Comments Off
  63. html tags & stripping from home page !
  64. timthumb not working for external URL images
  65. how do get/install "featured post widget" in the POST-SIDEBAR ?
  66. Layout question on categories..?
  67. WordPress crashing due to theme
  68. Amending Post Meta..?
  69. Show random post in the 'tabbed content'
  70. HELP Please! Image Crash after upgrade to ver. 2.3
  71. Problem with pictures
  72. Video gallery on home page
  73. Random video clip on video gallery sidebar
  74. Big space top margin about 500px, need to fix, help!
  75. Site working as Demo
  76. Feedburner not showing video clip from video gallery frontpage
  77. Sticky Posts in home page video-slider
  78. Menu Text in background (behind the add image)
  79. Advanced Newspaper theme link on my member page.
  80. Share Items Gabfire problem
  81. Magazine Style question
  82. Sidebar left on explorer
  83. Demo Data(Sample Data)
  84. About Slider
  85. Date header not good
  86. How to translate home page comment and read more words, please help me
  87. Want to display icons to left of the Read More line on front page
  88. Adding Java script
  89. Big image in inner page slider
  90. Widget Issue
  91. Internet explorer problem
  92. Ajax tabs displays all three
  93. Adding button in the Quotes area
  94. How To Use HTML Formatting In Advanced Mainpage 120x600 Ad Spot
  95. Advanced Newspaper update
  96. Timthumb
  97. Author name in front page posts
  98. Number of tabs in 'tabbed content'
  99. Changing width distribution in front page
  100. Increase height of posts in front page
  101. Hosting the blogs of the news site
  102. Link to update
  103. Turn off Comments in Advanced Newspaper V2.1.6
  104. How to add page navigation on a post?
  105. Blogroll-like section in front page
  106. Custom background color
  107. I want return to version 2.1.4 ¿can you help me?
  108. Multiple images in featured slider
  109. Text alignment (not a technical question)
  110. Sliders Resim boyutu
  111. API key to upgrade
  112. How do you display link description in blogroll
  113. Using bubble for comments link in front page
  114. Manage ads help
  115. Permalinks help
  116. theme update
  117. New version available?
  118. Quote view with LightBox
  119. How to place Rotator Ad in main page bottom 300 x 250 ad
  120. Left Sidebar on inner pages possible?
  121. AdvancedNewsPaper 2.1.6 photo border on home page
  122. Changing bullet style
  123. theme hacked
  124. Recovering theme configuration.
  125. problem showing the theme
  126. How to Decrease Font Size of h2.posttitle in #primary-mid1?
  127. Replacing images with video on home page feature box
  128. Colour of graphic to the left of date
  129. Masthead untranslated
  130. Selective Byline
  131. Disqus code appearing in home page slider!
  132. Widget header colour
  133. Remove cross-hatching behind skyscraper ad
  134. Main menu on iPad
  135. Slider question
  136. widget logic + gab_gallery
  137. Some indication of category link required..?
  138. AdavancedNewsPaper 2.1.6 Secondary Mid
  139. Removed post date but NOT separator symbol
  140. Video doesn't fill up flowplayer window and on main slider
  141. Tags on unwanted or delete posts
  142. Advanced News Paper NO REPONSE TO MY QUESTION
  143. Is Fluid Width Possible...?
  144. Featured slider fails
  145. Need to match visual editor fonts and style with frontend fonts and style
  146. auto bolding first paragraph on single
  147. Custom Color on Submenuand masthead backgrounds...Please show location of these.
  148. How to fill primary right (not a technical question)
  149. How to control what shows on menus.
  150. Categories aren't showing in drop down when in Theme Options Categories
  151. Comments Section color changes
  152. The widget Gabfire Share items not share the information of the post
  153. How do you set the size of thumbnails on listing post?
  154. Widget to sort posts according to their reading
  155. Author picture
  156. ad code impementation using iframe
  157. WordPress 3.4 is available! Please update now.
  158. Not able to post title to website
  159. Category thumbnail size
  160. Disable Fancybox?
  161. Default selected tab in 'tabbed content'
  162. 'Tabbed content' width
  163. 'Inner' page content width
  164. Homepage - sidebar video link
  165. Home secondary content width distribution
  166. MastHead - alignment problem when using Google Custom Search form
  167. Strange problem: small fonts in category name (in PrimaryMid1)
  168. User Role Issue
  169. Theme Tweaks Help
  170. Articles on the same Page
  171. Disable the Slider - two Photos in an Article
  172. Tabbed Content #4 and #5 do not work
  173. wordpress 3.4 javascript problemi
  174. Comments & Footer has dissapeared...
  175. Basic questions about ads
  176. Glitches on site. I need your help!
  177. Changing the post font
  178. Adding legal warning to comments area
  179. ad links
  180. Messed up, Glitches on website. Help!
  181. 'Publish comment' button lenght
  182. How to publish cartoons posts
  183. Page-navi for pagination don't work
  184. Slider Images are not working
  185. About Media Gallery
  186. List of thumbnail sizes?
  187. Custom Query dispalys without thumbnails on home
  188. Manage ads stopped working
  189. About Gabfire 'Multimedia'
  190. White space underneath page/post heading
  191. New Idea about Feature- Theme Stylesheet
  192. City Desk upgrade
  193. No Audio in Screenr Advanced Newspaper Tutorials
  194. Main Page 2 identical categories with no identical content.
  195. Comment by Admin of a different color
  196. Which CACHE plugin is best and more suitable with theme?
  197. Uers Registration/Login solution for my web site
  198. Autnor posts page
  199. Custom SQL query for one of the columns
  200. posting video in story
  201. Make theme wider / Use free space on both sides of the theme
  202. Media Gallery Page Not found
  203. Filter content on PAGES: by cateogry or custom field ?
  204. Home Page Slider
  205. Manual adjusting or auto detection of video in flowplayer with this theme
  206. Change message in "# comments" in home page
  207. Right sized for pictures in featured content...
  208. Need help with Advanced Newspaper Content Missing
  209. Change of Font Type
  210. How to make 728x90 wider?
  211. Rename "Stay Connecteed" from the top.
  212. Images will feature but won't insert into post
  213. Can't see date and time articles created
  214. QUOTES used for Ad Space
  215. Fatal error: Please help
  216. Subnews and Image Bar of http://www.canicattiweb.com/
  217. Social Media icons in NavBar area
  218. Personalise login page
  219. Another Slide with script on it shows up in slider in Advanced Newspaper
  220. Changing fonts - the basics
  221. How to open FTP
  222. How do I remove the slider?
  223. Homepage slider error: A thumbnail is showing up at FULL SIZE, not as a thumbnail
  224. Advanced Newspaper 2.3 timthumb.php?src= hatası
  225. Excerpt function on Advanced Newspaper cuts off my excerpts
  226. I do not see the comments box facebook
  227. Problems with target attribute
  228. Custom Field on the home page
  229. What is the css to add to custom css for category names?
  230. Adding widget next to top banner
  231. Masthead, Quote and Main Nav-Bar Colors
  232. Republisging in frontpage the posts outgoing from featured slider
  233. Update theme Advanced Newspaper
  234. Permalinks in comments
  235. Customizing 'Share Items' widget
  236. What is the Custom CSS code for the space between the title and body on homepage?
  237. Switching Widget Positions
  238. Share items
  239. Admin bar hidded using Firefox
  240. How to center new Widget Location
  241. Links to Pages not working
  242. Automatic image resizing to fit column width
  243. Author name date & comments not displaying on post
  244. Removing borders around all photos & no cropping in thumbnails
  245. Gone from home videos
  246. Show time (clock) at home
  247. Clarifying The Twitter Issue
  248. Website hacked (again), server blames your theme for it
  249. Page Isn't Redirecting Properly
  250. Shifted host and now Advanced Newspaper theme not working