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  1. Id's categories instead names
  2. Advanced Newspaper & Event Calendar Pro weird behavior
  3. Feed address
  4. Multimedia thumb link directly to gallery
  5. 404 error not found
  6. How to add thumbnails for subnews columns in the posts ?
  7. Brazilian Portuguese Translation...Help!!
  8. Newbie Question....Please Help
  9. How to add mid-slider in the mainpage
  10. Feedburner account
  11. RSS problem
  12. Different style each category
  13. Change font on dropdown menu for pages
  14. AdvancedNewsPaper Widget Custom query Colot Title
  15. Theme Switcher advice
  16. Image mouse-over description
  17. where to install googel analytics and statcounter code
  18. video formatting question
  19. [TURKISH] Primary Menüdeki Sayfalar
  20. ads and mulit-language
  21. site suspended due to PHP quiries
  22. Blank lines in single posts
  23. City Desk?
  24. feed error
  25. city desk?
  26. I cant use shortcodes on excerpt
  27. SEO Optimization: no h1 tag in homepage
  28. problem on ipad browser
  29. add new widget to header
  30. Error help!
  31. Feedburner RSS Problem
  32. Removing the "Short URL" after posts...
  33. Advanced Newspaper 2.1.6 -- Ads Code Problem
  34. [TURKISH] Banner altında konu görünüyor!
  35. Some problems with images
  36. Video without sidebar
  37. Manage Ad Code
  38. Homepage Featured Image
  39. Hyperlinked widget title color
  40. Layout of Categories are showing as a list
  41. TimThumb makes loading very slow, almost 60 seconds
  42. Category layout is redundant-- any way to change it?
  43. Localization of date format in header
  44. [Turkish] Manşet alanında seçilen kategorileri nasıl göstereceğim?
  45. Featuring a Subcategory title as a Category on the home page
  46. Moving slider to right of page...
  47. How can add hours/minutes in masthead
  48. neues template mit zwei Spalten?
  49. Social Media Sharing
  50. Full Page Template question
  51. Audio Plays but no video displays
  52. some mistakes in advanced newspaper theme
  53. YouTube embedding issue
  54. Date on the post pages
  55. How to stretch masterhead and header background?
  56. Merging subnews sections
  57. Problem whit Featured Slider Rotation
  58. PHP Fatal error: Out of memory - AdvNewsp 2.1.3
  59. add line above logo
  60. Slideshow of uploaded photos in post
  61. Lost Totally Lost....Please Help
  62. How do you get the News on your site?
  63. Media Category Template
  64. from 2.0.4 to 2.1
  65. can you put a page (not a post) in the feature slider?
  66. Offset Post on Homepage
  67. Internet Explorer left aligned
  68. Advanced Newspaper 2.1.6 theme options panel broken
  69. Bylines on the Homepage and Post Page
  70. download link expired to get the lastest update?
  71. Being Hacked?
  72. How to start with your templateµ?
  73. Increasing the number of "Subnews" categories
  74. Change of background colorof main page
  75. How to change image resize_type on single post page?
  76. Long article pagination doesn't work on single post page
  77. Adbrite Ad Code Breaks layout.
  78. Users post images from URL and does not show up
  79. A Second Tabbed Area
  80. Media Library showing on Media Gallery ?
  81. Removing tabbed content homepage
  82. jquery.cycle script issue adv np 2.1.6
  83. Help modifying SINGLE.PHP to add WP Subtitle plugin code
  84. theme options can't update
  85. slider
  86. Cannt Upload Logo
  87. Inner Media Gallery sidebar not pulling any image.
  88. Adding a classifieds page
  89. Problem with WYSWYG
  90. Menu Links
  91. Background?? Won't change color
  92. Custom Inner Page Template
  93. Polish translation
  94. Still the same problem and more.
  95. Can comments be turned on, for pages
  96. Banner Ads not working?
  97. logo is not visible
  98. How to make header background transparent?
  99. Modify Home Page
  100. DoD Flood UPD.txt file crashes Adv-News theme
  101. problems with Google Analitycs
  102. Resizing text & padding on cat menu bar..?
  103. Multiple Categories Homepage
  104. Ad Image URL
  105. Change function: Primary Mid1 from category post excerpts to a large excerpt of apost
  106. Header Title
  107. Video on Home Page doesn't work
  108. Post columns - change layout
  109. Teaser in sidebar problem
  110. Removing date, author, category date from homepage
  111. Column change not possible
  112. Media gallery - how to transfer old posts with video
  113. 2.0.4: Some questions (header ads, fixed button, translation, SEO etc...)
  114. archive magazine layout
  115. Add 2 or more posts without image and text, only the title (and link)
  116. restricted to site members
  117. font color
  118. MediaBar on Home Page
  119. Problema con background and Internet Explorere
  120. column issue
  121. Archives by Category text removal
  122. Subnews Postmeta Modification
  123. No thumbs when add video
  124. jpg bigger in quotes
  125. Please help urgently! Post not showing excerpts...!
  126. Slider keeps sliding
  127. how can i upload long videos
  128. Use The Theme (another domain)
  129. I don't want the images showing at the top of my post
  130. Add top widget area on all archive pages?
  131. AdvancedNewsPaper Tabbed Area
  132. How to play mid-slider like featured-slider
  133. Styling SecondaryRight1 widget
  134. delete all comments externally
  135. show date only on single post
  136. Autoplay the video slider
  137. problem with codes in ad boxes
  138. Widget merge - designed that way or is it conflict?
  139. Upgrading from 1.41 to 2.16
  140. Error slider
  141. Wrong image being used when shared on Facebook
  142. want to load images in a post as in fancybox or lightbox
  143. How to fix font size of title on Media Gallery
  144. Code to increase font size of single post
  145. Top right hand catagory list
  146. Problem with blurred images in galleries
  147. Advanced Newspaper Theme shows blank!
  148. Subnews ayarları alan taşması ve satır sınırlama
  149. Ana Sayfadaki Medya Açılma sorunu
  150. Archive Displays (advanced newspaper)
  151. Tab Content Slider
  152. HTML in Ad slots
  153. Site is loading terribly slow
  154. how to disable the 'read more' link
  155. How to reduced the number of subnews categories
  156. Thumbnail images are not being displayed on home page & category pages
  157. Chinese language text - change spacing between lines
  158. Link Expired
  159. Can I have the left side column in WP Newspaper show in Advanced Newspaper
  160. font rengini değistirmek istiyorum
  161. Fatal error
  162. google analytics code doesn't work
  163. 404 errors with fancy_shadow images
  164. Problems with WP-Minify & W3 Total Cache
  165. Recent posts in opened article
  166. subnews için featured image
  167. The red stripe at the side of the header
  168. Tabbed Content Problem = Advanced Newspaper 2.1.6
  169. Problems when i publish a post in facebook - not appear text and thumbnail of post
  170. java script code in theme trucated?
  171. How to remove right hand sidebar..?
  172. i want to increase the number of posts in Magazine Style Category Template
  173. how to eliminate email notifications when new user registers
  174. Moving a minor irritation ...?
  175. how to place 729x90 ad inside header
  176. how to change the color of the widget's header?
  177. Autoh of the article
  178. How to randomize bottom tab section..?
  179. Problem with favicon..?
  180. Slider Images, Optimisation/Quality
  181. Catagory pages
  182. Header Menu Editing
  183. How to show Tags below post ?
  184. A huge space has appeared over my header, help please.
  185. photo image size on slider
  186. Featured slider lİsteleme hatasi
  187. İnternet Explorer themes bad it seems problem?
  188. Changing the font from ALL CAPS to lowercase in the main menus
  189. POP3 E-posta ile Yazı yazmak
  190. Archive navigation buttons
  191. Header Kategori yazısını tema içinde uygulatmak, within the theme, such as header Cat
  192. Issues with IE8 and Advanced Newspaper
  193. Masthead navigation
  194. 468 x 60 ad will not populate
  195. ElderJuice - website using Advanced Newspaper
  196. Sub categories with pictures
  197. Custom Field
  198. image not highlighted
  199. Thumbnails on inner slider
  200. supported version of JQuery
  201. Feedback and suggestions on security
  202. image links coming on pages
  203. problems with stay connected
  204. Can't Add Content and other issues
  205. Tema açık ve hack!
  206. FEATURED SLIDER sorunu
  207. Gabfire Widget: Archive problem
  208. advance now whit thumbs
  209. timthumb.php
  210. Replacing subnews widgets
  211. Custom CSS for subnews headlines
  212. When I add a video, it doesn't appear the little image in the mainpage
  213. Resim Galerisi Ayarı
  214. Favicon problem
  215. Image post on when sharing in social networks
  216. banner problems
  217. Front page problems
  218. How do you show author's name when posting in Advanced Newspaper
  219. Can't make the slider work on my homepage
  220. Help with theme layout
  221. how to insert a text below a category
  222. Exert length
  223. Ajax Tabs
  224. Images Not Displaying in Homepage (Advanced Newspaper 2.2)
  225. Where should we enter the "API KEY"?
  226. Advanced Newspaper 2.2 - Homepage -Sidebar Videos
  227. Gallery thumbnails link to post
  228. How to give credit to original sources ?
  229. Video to youtube does not work
  230. Seek solution to themewide font change for posts
  231. Warning - Duplicate content on subcategories
  232. Byline exclusion from teaser text?
  233. merge in home page "Featured Below" with "Primary Mid Column"
  234. menus and slide has dissapear
  235. Margin-bottom
  236. ad code disappears (iframe, object, etc.)
  237. Megadropdown question
  238. Categories page first post
  239. Everything messed with images today
  240. Where can I download v2.2?
  241. Linking category to external website
  242. AJAX TABs aren't working.
  243. Homepage Image slider not working
  244. No Analytics
  245. Image slider in homepage not working propely, code instead of images
  246. Podcasting Plugin that works?
  247. I lost contact to AdvNewspaper!
  248. changing color of one menu item
  249. Innerpage-sidebar
  250. Adsense in image captions