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  1. Resolved: Can you change the order of the featured stories?
  2. Resolved: archives
  3. Resolved: No Photo Available image problems with RSS feed
  4. Resolved: How to allow comments on a page
  5. Resolved: Photo Gallery duplicate images
  6. Resolved: How to add news content RSS in Newspaper
  7. Resolved: Powered by Viva zoom
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  13. Resolved: Pages Format
  14. Resolved: Page width, picture size
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  16. Resolved: Changing main article picture and text orientation
  17. Resolved: Random photos in gallery
  18. Resolved: Images on post
  19. Resolved: Permalink Structures
  20. Resolved: Add 120x600 Banner Ad to Single Page
  21. Resolved: Archives
  22. Some bugs with the advanced theme
  23. Resolved: How to add 125px ad below the breaking news section
  24. Resolved: How to replace featured section with Videos
  25. Resolved: WP builtin gallery and Viva Zoom
  26. Resolved: Nav bar menus are behind google ads
  27. Resolved: Reply function
  28. Resolved: home.php
  29. Resolved: Install Hanging
  30. Resolved: WpNewspaper for the dummies
  31. Resolved: Changing author of different articles
  32. Creating an alternate Homepage
  33. Display several icons on line at the end of a post
  34. Trouble with contact form plugins
  35. gap between images
  36. WPNewspaper and WP-Email plugin
  37. Images on posts not showing well.
  38. Can Someone Plot Out the 12 Widget Zones?
  39. Please how can translate the date on the header, from english to spanish...Thanks !!
  40. Changing photo gallery section
  41. Category pages not displaying posts
  42. Front page layout, video, newsletter, erase dates
  43. Cannot update theme settings
  44. Any Problems with Theme and WP 2.7.1?
  45. Pictures in category pages seem not to be processed
  46. Duplicate photos in post even when not assigned to gallery page
  47. Photo Gallery and Video Display
  48. singlePostSidebarLeft not aligned
  49. How to change the title?
  50. Corrected bug in email subscription?
  51. disable image zoom?
  52. Using other images in ad banner space
  53. Images appear twice in post
  54. Remove Border Around Videos
  55. pictures display on index
  56. Change the way images appear in category view?
  57. Would it be possible to 'widgetize' the photo gallery area of the home page?
  58. Formatting issues when replacing Breaking News with other RSS feed
  59. Problem with sticky posts
  60. Issue with Password Protected posts
  61. How do i resize my photos to 8x6?
  62. New pages with header/footer but no body?
  63. Error fixing or bad install
  64. URL unreachable, rewrite rules or header.php?
  65. Having trouble getting photos to show up in Featured area
  66. Page Size problem
  67. ad code
  68. slow loading time
  69. Pages in WP Newspaper Theme
  70. Videos showing up on page twice
  71. Category specific adverts
  72. Photo Issues
  73. logo in header in WP newspaper theme
  74. Paragraph indentation/tab
  75. Facebook/flickr badges
  76. Any ideas for downloads
  77. Photos for User Profiles
  78. embedd youtube videos
  79. get error message when uploading videos
  80. Change color of red shapes
  81. Make More Space for Custom Logo
  82. Post template by category?
  83. Editing Comments PHP
  84. Meta Tags
  85. How to remove footer login details?
  86. Duplicate featured categories area
  87. Pages in footer
  88. Images not centering + inner sidebar in posts at the bottom
  89. More then one video category
  90. Make widget area WpNewspaper_2 stick bottom?
  91. Ad and right quote
  92. change font size on posts
  93. home page main article, not updating
  94. Replaced Header with custom image but not clickable?
  95. How to install font resizer?
  96. images don't appear in home page
  97. Got an SEO question
  98. No commas for the main title on the homepage
  99. Adding a category to Page
  100. Featured Article with Video showing
  101. Remeove Photo Gallery from right top sidebar
  102. Making First Post the Home Page
  103. How can I hyperlink my feature image on homepage?
  104. How can I remove the automatic quotation marks from homepage?
  105. Plugin to manage ads
  106. How can I remove the lower right box in main page?
  107. I don't have breaking news widget ...
  108. embedding a flickr video
  109. Adding multiple images to gallery from a single post?
  110. Not photos at frontend and articles
  111. Photos don't show in photo gallery
  112. Unable to get the Featured Gallery to work
  113. is there a way to add more articles on the front page?
  114. Field to right of featured section photo not populating
  115. Thumbnails confusion
  116. Adsense not centered on inner pages
  117. error after update to Wordpress 3.0
  118. Theme Control Panel Link Error
  119. How to Right-Align Weather Widget?
  120. Another Thumbnail question
  121. Problem with WP-o-matic & Pictures in WPNewspaper
  122. Double Content
  123. Breaking News Column to 24h clock
  124. Language change
  125. nice border around big image on top
  126. stuck on this error
  127. ads causing error
  128. Links not active in main and /tag pages
  129. Setup Mainpage Mid Slider [Photo Gallery]
  130. Page Template of Home - How to add Static Categories
  131. Problem with tagline name
  132. why extra space above Mainp_sidebar2?
  133. FYI - SubNews2
  134. PHP Errors utilizing TimThumb
  135. Picture slider on left side of the page
  136. which news slide show can I use?
  137. how can i change the mid slider's position?
  138. Featured links
  139. Pagination Problem In WP Newspaper
  140. translating 'polls'
  141. Banner's position
  142. My photoslider does not run truely
  143. The problem is with video.....
  144. The count of posts on the inner page
  145. changing the name of categories' font size
  146. We want to picture slider in advanced theme
  147. inner page posting
  148. Sidebar Title Backgrounds
  149. Translating or removing some terms on innerpage
  150. Need help with install
  151. Multiple Images with 1 Title in Featured Section
  152. how not repeat homepage news
  153. Changing font size of the main menu
  154. Adding a Columnist
  155. Just ask about posting articles?
  156. Can I add youtube video withtout the "related videos"?
  157. How to remove the live links in the image?
  158. How to Add Byline to Individual Posts?
  159. Image Captions Fix
  160. Subnews List - Use Excerpt instead of headline
  161. Show headlines from all categories, not just one
  162. Installing WP Newspaper 1501 not functioning
  163. MIstake in brazilian portuguese language
  164. Video/Image Template
  165. More caregories on the homepage beneath the slider
  166. Adding another slider or moving one
  167. picture below slider can't be higher than 90 px?
  168. Some places I still get English instead of Dutch
  169. How do i add pagination at categories?
  170. How to Create a Gallery Article Page
  171. Main Image, WP Newspaper homepage
  172. First story, list pages, use large image
  173. Widgets with titles like Breaking News
  174. Internet Explorer not rendering primaryTopMid position properly
  175. Cannot increase number of images in Slider
  176. Categories don't appear
  177. How to remove Read Post |Comments Off
  178. RTL - Arabic version
  179. compatability
  180. Header looks broken on big monitor
  181. Would like to add inner Slider Selectively
  182. Homepage text disappeared
  183. Widgeted Page Template
  184. How do I delete the # of posts in the search archive-search by category?
  185. New JW Player 5,4 Released
  186. Would like to not show same post twice on Home
  187. Thumbnails Missing. btw, I did watch the tutorial vid
  188. How to change inner page template
  189. Widgets PrimaryRight1 shows up twice
  190. PrimararyMid1 widget shows up under article title
  191. theme control panel in Spanish?
  192. Image in "Left / Right Quote Text "...?
  193. Breadcrumb
  194. Image problem
  195. Problem with browser internal style sheets - WpNewspaper
  196. Post published date vs. Current Date
  197. classes widgetbgTitle and titleCatName
  198. Posts below the featured slider on home page
  199. Featured post and text alignment
  200. Changed single.php to a page template, but have 1 little issue
  201. Search by category not working
  202. Image Gallery
  203. problem with safari browser
  204. Ads
  205. Ads on Specific Pages
  206. Google description does not work
  207. The mid slider does not look with IE 9
  208. adding author to homepage meta
  209. wideSidebar not to show on photo gallery?
  210. Switching to WpNewspaper Advanced
  211. Upgrade to Wordpress 3.1 broke everything
  212. Some modifies
  213. InfoLink Plugin & Header
  214. Categories get 404 after WP3.1 upgrade
  215. WP Super Cache - How to Enable Cache
  216. Submenus
  217. Google Site Map Compatabile With Newspaper Theme
  218. Videos like in demo
  219. Changing thumbnail size
  220. Ie 9.0
  221. Turn off comments counter
  222. Using Flowplayer on WPNewspaper
  223. Post comment button
  224. Japanese date
  225. How To Disable Header From Going to Home Page
  226. post layout question
  227. Header with Quotes Images Disappears
  228. Next Page Button
  229. Next Page in Category 404
  230. # of posts in the innerpage - WPNewsPaper theme
  231. Enable thumbnails for middle column in WP newspaper
  232. Menu_Categories Widget
  233. Sub category on custom menu
  234. Widgetized-Page don't work
  235. No Links in Mid-Page Image Gallery
  236. removing image & exceprt
  237. Thumbnail cutoff
  238. Post photos becoming gallery
  239. read more always point to latest post
  240. Error Message on install
  241. how to creat menu and sub menue
  242. how to remove featured links
  243. Remove breaking news
  244. Thumbnails generation issue
  245. post headlines on featured story section too long..
  246. zooming out will distort the layout of theme..
  247. remove the pages panel from header.
  248. Increase subnews from 4 to 8
  249. IE 9 compatibility
  250. How to get rid of 1st line div menu?